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Friday April 28th 2017

Pre-Date Grooming Checklist and Guide

Pre-Date Grooming Checklist and Guide

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We all know how to dress ourselves presentably enough for work. But date night is a different story. At work, the closest you'll get to a woman (without triggering mandatory attendance at a 'Sex in the Workplace' workshop), may be accidentally bumping into Claire from accounting at the copy machine. But on date nights, you're hoping the after-dinner activities will involve a lot more body contact than just touching hands reaching for the toner. Every part of you needs special attention. Dating veteran, Eric Rogell, the guy behind TheBachelorGuy.com and the new book, "The Art of War for Dating," has compiled this handy Pre-Date Grooming Checklist and Guide to ensure that when she starts to get close, all she wants to do is get closer.


Two words that are bad when it comes to hair: Greasy and Crunchy.

Sure, you want to keep things neat with a product that'll hold your style in place. But when she starts running her fingers through your hair, or grabbing on to it, you don't want her getting a handful of goo. And I shouldn't have to mention the flakes some products can cause. Try several out well ahead of time, and go with the one that holds without the mess.

Unibrow. Got one? Fix it.

She's dating you, not Burt from Sesame Street. Either get it waxed by a professional (the best way to go) or pluck it yourself. Never, ever, shave it! If you decide to pluck it yourself, don't go overboard and go too far in either direction. The pros will tell you to stop where your tear ducts meet the white of your eyes.

Nose hairs have no place on a date.

Ever had a conversation with a guy who had a stray hair-or five-hanging out of a nostril? Distracting and disgusting at the same time. You want her focused on your stories, not those antennae hanging out of your nose. Again, pluck, trim, or see a pro to get them waxed. And while you're at it, check your ears and anywhere else those strays are starting to sprout.

Speaking of ears...

The most forgotten step in grooming... is cleaning your ears. Do it. Because when she leans over to whisper something in your ear, you don't want it to be "What's this stuff in your ear?"

You don't have to be clean shaven, but you do have to be neat.

If you rock the scruffy look, great, but make sure the edges are neat and it's trimmed down to a point where it won't irritate her and leave a tell-tale rash, when things heat up. If you go clean-shaven, shave just prior to the date and make sure you use a really good after-shave balm. Preferably fragrance free.

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