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Friday April 28th 2017

How To Spot A Gold Digger

How To Spot A Gold Digger

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Have you ever been suspicious that the person you're dating is more interested in your money than in you?  If your partner seems more interested in your bank account than in your personality or your potential to be a good mate then they might be a ‘gold digger.’ Gold diggers are experts in exploiting lonely, wealthy hearts. And they don’t stop at diamonds; they crave the big houses, flashy cars and yearlong holidays. But is ‘expensive’ arm candy really such a bad trade-off if it makes you look and feel good? Well, that depends on you.  But what happens when the money runs dry and you can no longer keep up with those expensive tastes? Chances are they won’t stick around. They will bleed you dry and then move on to find their next victim! So how do you discern if your date or your partner really wants a future with you or a future with your wallet? Here are some easy ways to spot a gold digger early on in a relationship:

Deep, early interest in your portfolio

After talking you into a lavish first date, your companion seems deeply interested in your finances. And while they may not directly ask you what the numbers on your paycheck are, they might probes about how expensive your watch is, or the type of car you drive and the size of the house you own. Some gold diggers do it more subtly, masking their intentions, but all gold diggers are unusually interested in figuring out your net worth. It’s one thing to ask questions about the type of career you have but a totally different matter when they want to know how much is in your bank. There is no justification or need to ask personal financial questions like that, especially early on.

Never offers to pay for dates

It is gentlemanly to pay for most dates but decent women, by right, will offer to pick up the tab or split the cost every now and then. If you always have to pay, then something is not right. If she wants to eat out at expensive restaurants, she should pay every now and then to give your wallet a rest. Offering to pay is something that doesn’t come naturally to a gold digger. You can test her by telling her you forget your wallet and observing how she reacts to it.

Pay before you play

Do you find that she is only willing to be close to you after you have bought her something nice? This is common with gold diggers as they often have a “pay before you play” policy.  In order to get close to her or be intimate with her, she expects to be compensated. You need to buy her intimacy and rest assured that it won’t be cheap; expensive dinners, jewellery, designer clothes and more. Not showering a gold digger with the gifts she wants will likely shut down all chances for intimacy and you might even risk getting accused of being a cheapskate, not treating her right or not appreciating her properly!

Requests money

Asking a long-term partner for a little financial help during hard times is perfectly acceptable; however, asking a person for financial assistance early on in a relationship is a serious red flag. It is completely inappropriate to ask for money early on in a relationship when you both are still just getting to know each other. The requests might be for big things, like car insurance, or small things, like manicures, but they are all wrong. Your date is clearly looking for a sugar daddy to finance their lifestyle and these early requests are compliance tests to see whether or not they will be able to rely on you to pay for everything.

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