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Friday April 28th 2017

How to Get Your Partner in the Mood

How to Get Your Partner in the Mood

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It shouldn’t be any surprise that men and women are different in many ways including the ways they each view and react to sex. Research has shown that, unlike men, women need to relax into arousal and the parts of their brains that associate with outside stressors must deactivate. In addition to that, women are generally more aroused when they feel appreciated, cared for, desired, and attractive by their partner. Combined, all this information on the libido-dampening effects of stress and the importance of appreciation helps illustrate how important it is to relax our partner when provoking intimacy. Hormones play a huge role as well. In fact, a recent British study showed that women taking hormonal birth control pills are slightly less sexually aroused and less sexually attracted to their partner than women who don’t use hormonal birth control. All this information, however, is more than neat trivia, it provides important, effective and useful insight on how to promote intimacy and strike the mood in your partner. Here are a few tips:

Be Appreciative

Being appreciative to your partner helps them feel connected to you.  Generally speaking, women desire that strong connection and when they do feel it they are more apt to want to please their male partners.  Remember, the largest controller of arousal is the mind, not the genitals. If she’s not mentally turned on she will be unable to get physically turned on.

Be Affectionate

Being affectionate in non-sexual ways serves an important purpose. Women, like men, do not like to feel pressured to perform.  Simply letting her know that you just like being with her, and holding her without pressuring or alluding to sex actually reduces the pressure to perform for both parties. This type of non-erotic touch helps to promote a long and healthy relationship and paves the way for romance. Remember, even if this doesn’t help put her into the mood in the moment it is still a crucial move on your part which helps promote the mood for future occasions.

Dim the Lights

According to neurological studies in the Netherlands, dimming the lights helps to relax the brain, relieving stress and anxiety which subsequently helps women get aroused.  Low lights are associated with relaxation and the brain reads this as time to disconnect.  In addition to that, there is also considerable evidence that dim lighting also helps to make women feel more comfortable, sexy and sexually aroused. This is because dim lighting aids in hiding physical imperfections, promoting sexual confidence.

Touch Hormones

Touching each other is one of the most important things a couple can do to arouse one another. Research shows then when you embrace your partner for thirty second increments the pituitary gland releases a chemical called Oxytocin.  Oxytocin is nicknamed the “cuddle chemical” because it is the hormone largely responsible for bonding people together. Thirty minutes a week of massaging or caressing each other is a great exercise for bonding and it also has the added benefit of releasing Endorphins which are “feel good” chemicals to help you and your partner to relax into the mood.

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