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Friday April 28th 2017

5 Rules to Gifting Lingerie like a Romeo

5 Rules to Gifting Lingerie like a Romeo

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Lingerie can boost the immediate sex-appeal of your lady, making it both a treat for you and a great present for her. After all, lingerie is just about the most feminine item a woman can own. But therein lies the problem: whether embarrassed about wandering around a womenís lingerie shop alone or just plain clueless about ladies underwear, many men have a phobia preventing them from buying these items in the first place.
Walking into a womenís lingerie store can be an intimidating thing. Here are some helpful hints to allay any lingerie-shopping anxiety you may still have:

1.    Be prepared.

Before you venture out to buy her lingerie -- or anything that comes with a size -- you should know what size she is. This might take a bit of discrete detective work. Sneak a peek in her underwear drawer (or maybe just at the tag on the bra thatís still on your floor), and note what sizes you see. Bras have a cup (A, B, C, D etc.) and a band size (32, 34, 36, etc.). Panties generally come in small, medium or large. Take note of both and bring that information with you when you decide to shop.

2.    Ask for help.

As intimidating as this might seem, lingerie sales professionals will always know more about the merchandise than you do. So just ask! Mention youíre shopping for a gift and tell them her size and a little information about her tastes. They should be able to guide you in the right direction.

3.    Keep it mild.

This is especially important for the first-time undergarment gift. DO NOT, under any circumstances, go too sexy with the first undergarment gift. Translation: nothing too see-through (lace is a yes, mesh is a no), nothing too itty-bitty and certainly nothing edible (do we even need to say that?). Even if sexy is her thing, you risk turning her way off with your gift if itís too risquť. Stick to something tamer. A great bra and panty set that she could wear for something other than a special occasion. Or maybe even a charming nightie. This will show her that youíre interested in making her feel pretty and comfortable, not necessarily just seeing her dressed up all racy for you.
Sidenote: Definitely wait until youíre committed to one another before you decide to push the envelope. Critiques on undergarments from someone youíre just dating could get you kicked to the curb fast. Stepping up the game by giving her something sexy is something that can be a welcome surprise. Just make sure you present it with the attitude of ďI think youíre amazing and sexy, and I thought this would make you feel exactly like that. But if you donít like it, thatís okay.Ē Be tasteful and be respectful.

4.    Gift it privately.

This shouldnít need to be stated but lingerie is not a gift you want to see her open in the middle of a restaurant, even a small romantic one. Give her the gift in the privacy of your home, or hers. Itís more comfortable for everyone involved.

5.    Donít be discouraged.

Worst case scenario: itís not her thing. Donít beat yourself up too much or give up on the idea entirely. If you can tell she doesnít like it, or she never seems to put it on, ask her gently what she didnít love about it. Ask her what she likes and take notes for next time.

Elizabeth Tigar is a boutique lingerie owner in Austin, TX. You can visit www.shop-underwear.com to learn more.




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