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Saturday April 29th 2017

10 Things She Hates That You Do

10 Things She Hates That You Do

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#6 Talking about your ex

You may think that the odd comment about your high school sweetheart here and there is harmless, but it annoys, and even offends, your current partner. Talking about the ex is a "no go" area. Never do it. Ever. Mentioning your ex is a lose-lose situation. Focus on keeping your current partner happy -- as far as she is concerned, your sex life before her was non-existent. If a previous girlfriend happens to come up in conversation, be as sparing of detail as possible and avoid casting any opinion about her or your relationship with her.

#7 Talking about your mother

You might think that your beloved would never feel threatened by someone as harmless as Mom; however, this couldn't be further from the truth. Women and mothers-in-law instinctively aren't inclined to get along: it's human nature. Wives generally feel as though their mother-in-law is judging them while mothers generally fear that their son is being taken away from them by a less capable woman. This is why the odd comment such as "my Mom makes the best apple pie" will often touch a nerve with your partner. You're making a benign comment but she is hearing "you're not doing it right."

#8 Expecting sex

Men are inclined to link most things back to sex; it's not our fault, it's nature. Men are hardwired this way. The sexual pursuit area is 2.5 times larger in Male brains than in female brains, therefore it is natural that sex should be a constant presence somewhere in our psyche. Unfortunately, this often means that when a woman shows us signs of amiability and decency, male arrogance leads us to the conclusion that she must want sex and sadly, for both parties, she ends up fighting off unwanted advances.

#9 Showing off

Showing off is a natural male instinct. Across all animals and species, the mating process usually involves a male vying for a female's attention and willing to go to any lengths of show-off and ostentation to achieve that attention. Unfortunately, this kind of misplaced machismo has penetrated everyday living with an inevitably irritating outcome. Most women don't care to hear your old college stories, athletic victories or how many other women you've 'bagged' - especially more than once. It may seem macho to some of your friends but to women, and indeed many other men, it is just annoying and rude.

#10 Forgetting

Women absolutely loathe when you forget. Although they may forgive you for the occasional forgotten detail, pickup or memo, they are usually not so forgiving when you make it a habit or forget something important to them, like a favour, dinner plans, or worse, an anniversary. Unfortunately, it does happen and it is usually results in a really angry partner. It was an accident and you didn't mean to forget but in doing so you have made her feel unimportant, undervalued and overall disappointed.




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