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Friday April 28th 2017

Gifts For Her...With You In Mind

Gifts For Her...With You In Mind

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Gentlemen, weíre nearly all guilty of it. The forgotten anniversary, the less than unique birthday gift after scrambling at the mall a day late...and wait, another Valentine's Day already? Googling for the local flower shop or heading to the jewelry store to buy another expensive bracelet to add to her collection is a waste of your time and a headache too. So what can you get her that will both please her and be easy on you? Pay attention guys, the key to remember is that women want to feel special and, even more so, they want to feel like women. If you are not sure that you can pick out a gift that will do all that, donít sweat it. Just follow the list below and not only will you make her feel sexy but she'll be happy for days to come.

Mailed Lingerie

PantyByPost.com. The name says it all. Itís a panty that is mailed to your significant other once a month or as often as you like. A clever idea thought up by two gals who wanted to bring back the nostalgia of receiving something in the mail and the fun and sexiness of lingerie, without having to leave your home. Simply go to the website and choose your package starting at $18 CND for the Sultry Single, all the way up to the ďCommitmentĒ ($188) for a year. This treat keeps on giving without requiring you to make your way through that maze called a lingerie store.

Personalized PJís

If panties aren't her thing, go commando with Pajamagram.com and warm her up on a winter's night with some flannels or show her how much you care with a personalized set. Select your PJ and customize it with your own special words or choose from an array of fun and sexy sleepwear that will give new meaning to sleepless nights.

Custom M&Mís

Does your girl have a sweet tooth? For women, nothing beats out chocolate - but you can sweeten the deal by adding a personalized message on each custom m&m at mymymms.com. Choose her favourite colour, type in your 8 characters or even upload an image onto every morsel. Prices vary according to quantity.

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