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Monday August 29th 2016

How to Land a Sugar Mama

How to Land a Sugar Mama

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While the term ‘Sugar Mama’ typically refers to wealthy women, older than their male counterparts, the term can be used to refer to any woman of any age who financially provides for her man.  Generally speaking, this type of woman is partial to a younger man with whom she can have fun, instead of older gentlemen who may bring serious financial obligations and family expectations.  The Sugar Mama has money and she wants to trade it for a wild time.

Men, too, should be lavished with expensive dinners and have extraordinary gifts offered to them by their dates.  Women have been suckling at these perks for years, so it only seems fair that men should start to enjoy them as well. But before you can land yourself a Sugar Mama, you need to understand what you will have to bring to the table. Your goal with any Sugar Mama is always the same – Keep her happy. That may sound easy and perhaps tripe, but constantly keeping a woman happy is no small feat. You must surrender to the psychological, the social and sexual.

Finding Her

Because financially independent women are much more rare, finding your Sugar Mama will take some additional effort on your behalf.  As cliché as it might sound, the Internet is a perfect place to start.  There are several websites that promote wealthy women looking for men.  Such websites include: seekingsugarmama.com, dateamillionarie.com, and shugamama.com. These websites (amongst many others) are an easy access for someone to find that right fit.

If you can’t find your match online then you are going to have to go out and find her in-person. This will require a bit of research on your part.  Investigate where the wealthy hang out in your city or town.  There are a few likely places where your potential Sugar Mama will hang out, but be aware that these places will undoubtedly come with a cost. Wealthy women are usually high-society socialites and, as such, tend to hold memberships at posh establishments, country clubs and fitness centers.  Upscale bars, art galleries, cultural events, charity galas and quality casinos are all part of this valuable vixen’s social circle. Joining these clubs and attending these events may dent your bank account at first but this approach will get you up close and personal with a potential Sugar Mama.

The Pickup

A Sugar Mama rarely travels in packs.  She is either solo or with a single friend and oozes confidence. Regardless of wealth and confidence, all women seek attention. It is important that you give her the attention she craves while maintaining that she has to work to keep your interest. Remember, she has to be enthralled by you so don’t come on strong. The goal is to get her to pick you up. You are her prize so it is imperative that you are well groomed, charismatic and, most importantly, fun - you should exude the youthful, carefree attitude she envies. Recognize that being fun is far different than simply being silly – Don’t act immature.

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