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Friday April 28th 2017

Is She Cheating?

Is She Cheating?

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Analyzing body language and looking for indicative signs is not always easy and women will rarely ‘just tell you’ that they have cheated.  So if you cannot trust your partner to just ‘tell you’ that they have cheated, how can you tell? Fortunately, there are clues that can indicate infidelity. Being vigilant in your relationship and paying attention to your partner’s behaviours can bring some clarity to the matter.  Reading body language and identifying specific peculiar behaviours can help you determine if your partner is being faithful or trying to keep you off her track.  

Secretive Calls

This is the biggest indicator that should raise alarms with you. Remember when the two of you used to tell each other your deepest, darkest secrets? Nothing was forbidden. You knew everything on a regular basis. Suddenly, the candid exchanges and free willing explanations have been replaced by suspicious secrecy. Her phone may constantly ring in the middle of the night and she may suspiciously answer it in the other room or it’s always the wrong number - this should be raising questions in your head.   You have reasonable ground for suspicion if her girlfriend’s ‘cry for help and advice’ always comes during the wee hours of the morning.  At that time, most people are not seeking counsel from a friend.  It’s okay to ask her about strange phone calls; this is not over-stepping any boundaries.  Her answer to you is not as important as the plausibility of her answer. Does the explanation make sense? More importantly, pay attention to any uncomfortable body language or shaky responses as she grapples for an answer you will accept.

Secretive Meetings

When meetings with her close friend(s) (whom you have never been introduced) are becoming more regular, this should raise an eyebrow.  Unlike her other friends, she will try to keep this particular friendship secretive or may be hesitant to share general details.  Try to throw her off by casually offering her a ride to her meeting place. This surprisingly kind gesture may throw her off and cause her to fumble for a reason not to have you do that. Women will usually try to go out of their way to avoid having you near this meeting place.

The Thrill Is Gone

During a new relationship, a couple will spend a lot more intimate time together and interest in each other’s activities. As time progresses, some interest will naturally subside (this is normal). However, when a woman is cheating on her partner, her interest will fade almost completely. She becomes slow to respond and generally seems discontented or possibly even moody. Willingness to be creative in the bedroom or outside the bedroom diminishes. Many people report that it becomes work just to get her to reach out and touch you. “I’m too tired,” or “I don’t feel well” become common phrases when you try to engage her in sexual activity.  If you are able to get some action, she may act as though sex is a chore and want it to be over quickly.  It can be unexciting and quite demoralizing if she seems bored or detached from your efforts.  Female sex drive is nearly as active as a man’s and sudden disinterest is not normal, this could be a sign that someone else is filling her needs.

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