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Thursday August 25th 2016

Should I Leave Her?

Should I Leave Her?

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At some point in your relationship you may be confronted with the question ďshould I stay or should I go?Ē  For most of us the answer is simple and we can make a well-informed decision that is suiting. However, for some men in some situations the answer may be less obvious.  Naturally indecisive men will have a difficult time making this decision but men who fear being alone or think that they ďreally likeĒ their partner may also have a hard time making this decision. If you are thinking that your relationship has run its course or that you could do better, take some time to look at all pros, cons and issues before making that final decision.

There are telltale signs for certain destructive relationships that absolutely need to be ended. The most common reason these relationships are not ended is that the fear of making a bad decision keeps the person locked in the situation. Here are the most common signs that you are in a sour relationship and itís time to leave her.

Something Doesnít Feel Right

Usually your gut instinct will be the first sign that things are not going well in your relationship; you will feel that something is just not right - that something has changed and it is not for the better. Perhaps these feelings will begin to show as anger and coldness where before you felt kindness and warmth with your partner. These could be the first signs that something is amiss and the relationship is beginning to fail. Itís time to break up a relationship when there's no longer any mutual benefit. According to Dr. Neder, "If you aren't getting what you want or need from being with someone, it's time to move on."

The Only Good Thing About Her Is Her Looks

Physical looks can be important; itís great to find someone who youíre attracted to but you're supposed to find other qualities that you find attractive in her beyond the initial physical attraction. Many women put a great deal of energy into themselves and their looks rather than you as a way of covering up their deficits.  If you are finding far too many defects that the good looks are covering up for, then chances are you are in a deeply shallow relationship where the cost to you likely doesnít balance your gain. You may need to move on and find someone else. You should never sell yourself short. Know your value and go out there and seek it.  Looks are an important thing but they should never be the only thing left that you like about your partner. Strike out in a new direction and find someone who is both physically attractive and mentally sound. She should compliment the other 98% of your life.

Expecting Change

If your girlfriend/wife suddenly wants you to change then this could be a sign something is amiss. Change can be a positive thing but sometimes women feel they need to change others to make themselves feel better. If the changes she expects of you are unreasonable or unfounded (i.e. Not for your benefit), it may mean that she thinks you canít keep up with her, you need to look better or that she doesnít think you are good enough to be associated with her. If you notice this happening at any stage of your relationship then you should confront her about it or considering finding someone that accepts you for who you are. There is nothing wrong with bettering yourself, but if she is making groundless demands of you then these are for her benefit not yours. Go find someone worth your time.

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