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Thursday August 25th 2016

Dating An Older Woman

Dating An Older Woman

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We have all seen it in the movies. It’s plastered every day in the papers and magazines. It is clear to say that dating older women has become quite popular today. Many men admit an attraction to a more mature suitor. A lot of woman find dating someone younger to be a huge confidence boost and quite complimentary. There are many reasons why men choose to date older women.  Probably the greatest assumption is the notion that older women are past the dependency phase, career oriented, financially stable and sexually uninhibited (from years of experience) or at least at their sexual peak. All of these are very appealing. They experience the benefits of dating someone that knows what she wants in life and has a strong sense of self. Older women often flaunt confidence, which may appear like a challenge – sometimes it’s just about the thrill of the hunt (or the conquest).

It may sound cliché but a big reason that intergenerational dating has become so popular is due to the advancements in medicine, plastic surgery and the societal emphasis on self- maintenance. It has afforded an aging woman more staying power on the dating scene. Both men and women can have things lifted, tucked and nipped to hide the appearance of age or enhance an area of concern.  The outcome is generally a prolonged youthful and more appealing appearance.
Before you decide to give intergenerational dating a go, be sure you know what you want.  Ask yourself, “Is it a genuine loving relationship I am after or a night or two with a hot and experienced women without sexual hang-ups?”  Understand that there are pros and cons to both pursuits. The key is to be aware of what you may be getting into.

Lets start by looking at the cons.

Baggage Included

Be honest with yourself and apply some common sense to the situation. Once you found your ‘lucky’ lady bear keep in mind that she may have a few pieces of luggage behind her.  The older she is the more baggage she is likely to have; ex-boyfriends, ex-husbands, children, demanding careers, financial obligations and/or excessive debt are probably part of her landscape.  Decide if you are apt to deal with what she’s bringing to the table.  It’s likely to be more than a smoking hot body, self-confidence and her own money.  Of course, all of these troublesome extras shouldn’t be a problem if you are just heading to the bedroom.  After the sexual curiosity has been satisfied, and you choose to engage in a more meaningful relationship, then a fair amount of baggage is generally part of the deal.  More importantly, you should realize that as you both continue to age, the age gap will become more prevalent. Especially if you are still around when health concerns set in or the need for around the clock care becomes a factor.  These concerns are ultimately inevitable.

Missed Reactions

Being the ‘talk of the town’ is not always easy for most people to deal with. It can bring major challenges to your relationship.  If you choose to date someone an older woman than be prepared for the stares, murmurs, judgments and mixed reactions.  Family tends to offer the most resistance; primarily if your new love interest is similar in age to your mother or older sister.  Your friends, on the other hand, will may hail you as a hero (unless she’s really old).  Sex will be the primary topic for discussion.  But even cheers from your buddies wear off while the glares of strangers often remain.

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