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Friday April 28th 2017

Reading Her Body Language

Reading Her Body Language

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Have you ever wished that you could just read a womanís mind?  When it comes to picking up women skill, technique and game go a long way but, unfortunately, they are useless if you have no idea what she is thinking.  It would be great if women were always direct and obvious but, unfortunately, thatís not the case. Lucky for you there are signs and signals women give off that, if interpreted right, will let you read her like a book Ėgiving you clear insight on her intentions, thoughts and desires.

It is widely accepted that a man should make the first move, so, unfortunately, most women will hang back and wait until you approach them.  If you are going to approach then you better know how to read body language.  It is known that women send discreet signals to lure men into making the first move, but, just because you feel prompted to approach does not mean a signal was sent. A successful pickup begins by reading her body language before you even approach. Does she look receptive? Hostile? Interested? Bored? Youíre not here to make hasty decisions, so take a second and analyze to see if she looks receptive or, even better, inviting for an approach.  Inviting cues include things like glancing, eye contact, smiling, blushing, hair tossing and speaking to you (surprisingly some guys actually miss this one).

Flirting-signals can be very similar AND very confusing, which is the reason why a number of men will fail trying to interpret them.  Every woman is different and you need to realize that, but there are enough general signals commonly used that you do need to know. Also, just because a woman is being nice does not necessarily mean anything more.  In all actuality, most women act nice in the hope of being left alone.  Decode the signs and not only will you save yourself potential embarrassment but you might also land the pickup.

Signs The Game Should Be Played:

1. Pupil Size and Chest Flushing

They say eyes are the windows to a personís soul but does this have any relevance when picking up women? It does. Next time you are trying to pickup a woman, pay close attention to the pupils of her eyes. Pupillometrics (changes in pupil dilation) can be a useful means of measuring humansí attitudes and levels of interest, especially sexual interest. According to several studies and experiments by the likes of Dr. Hess, Seltzer and Slien (1975) and several followup papers/evolutionary studies by the likes of Dr. Tombs and Silverman (2004), womenís pupils dilate when they are speaking to someone they are sexually interested in. This is an evolutionary remnant that she is unable to hide or mask. In fact, women are largely unaware that their pupils give their intentions away and, hence, will not make any attempt to mask this.  So keep eye contact and look for dilation, she just might be sexually interested in you.

Everyone knows that erect nipples are a sign of sexual arousal, but what good are they when you cant see them? Especially if you cant see them and you are trying to pick her up. Well, there is another great physiological sign that even she is unaware of and cannot hide. Chest flushing. Most women like to wear low-cut shirts when they go out, revealing just enough skin under the collarbone, which is all you need. Glance at the skin under her collarbone at the chest midline and note any flushing. Flushing is another well-documented strong indicator of sexual interest that accompanies erect nipples.

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