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Friday April 28th 2017

Getting Her To Lose Weight

Getting Her To Lose Weight

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So your girlfriend has been steadily putting on the pounds since you have been with her and maybe you’re having trouble believing this is still the same girl. So she’s a little heavier now, and she’s not as hot as she could be (or used to be), but you still want to be with her. So you start thinking that you can tolerate it or that maybe the problem will fix itself if you just give her some space. After all, she’s not that bad -right? Wrong. Maybe she is okay for now, but the problem with most women and weight gain is that it is progressive. Generally speaking, when most women begin to get ‘chubby’ they tend to continue putting on the pounds until they plateau overweight and rarely end up taking off those extra pounds. This means if her ‘chub’ is bothering you now, it’s only going to get worse.


Many guys go through this situation with one girl or another, and, although you can leave her at anytime and pursue more ‘fit’ females, this may not be an option you want to pursue when you have found a girl you really care about. Weight is a touchy subject with women and bringing up the weight issue with your girlfriend/wife can be tantamount to suicide. Fortunately, there are ways to address this issue and spare her feelings. Heck, with these tips and a little wit, not only can you convince her to shed the pounds but you can make her want to do it while avoiding all the drama.


First up, get yourself in shape.


One way to take get the ball rolling is to take the initiative yourself –on your own body. This is one of the most non-confrontational ways to address the point. Working on your diet and your exercise routines will give you a great lead to get her to workout and take better care of herself. Whether your new routine appeals to her is not the point. Instead, the point is to get her to join the gym with you in the interest of spending time together; bonding or ‘doing something’ as a couple. This is a classic move and is a great way to mask your intention for her to ‘shape up’ with the impression that you want to bond. Aside from just helping your relationship, the physiological effects will be long standing, increasing the overall health and vitality of both yourself and your partner.


Go on a Health Binge


Become increasingly concerned with your overall health and fitness, especially your heart. Start eating healthy foods, drinking plenty of water and overall watching your weight. Watch your cholesterol; get plenty of leafy green vegetables and plenty of fruits in order to get enough antioxidants. Snack on lots of berries such as blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. These taste great and provide a healthy alternative to many other snacks; they also protect the various cells in your body –especially your skin. If need be, include a multivitamin at the start of each day and make sure you get plenty of sleep. You can also start pointing out all the health benefits of your new regime to your partner (without being excessive! Nobody likes nagging) and pointing out all the adverse health effects of junk food, trans-fats, little sleep, poor nutrition and weight management.


Ask for her support


Ask her to support your new lifestyle by encouraging you and dropping her bad habits in your presence. Explain that having her eat those unhealthy foods, sloth around and remain generally inactive makes it hard for you to continue your health and fitness regime. Having her support your new lifestyle is an easy way to convince her to come to the gym with you, start eating healthier and start dropping the extra weight.

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