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Friday April 28th 2017

Why do Women Like Jerks?

Why do Women Like Jerks?

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It's a cultural anomaly, or at least it seems that way to some. Why the hell is it that girls seem to be so attracted to the most egotistical, pompous jerks out there? There are tons of theories and speculation, many of which are based on notable observations and contain half truths. Well here at Shave Magazine we have done our homework, conducted research and crunched the numbers to answer this age old question. Why the hell do girls like jerks?


They can't help it.


To a very large extent this seems to be true. This does not mean that girls avidly go out seeking the biggest jerk they can find or that jerks are some how superior to anyone else. The reason is evolved through the ages and the women of today inherited most of their likes and dislikes from their ancestors. Now while our genes do not determine what exactly we like and dislike, our genes do give each and every one of us predispositions for certain behavioral traits which affect our tastes. These predispositions are hardwired into us, this does not mean that they cannot be overcome by a lifetime of different experiences, only that the predispositions are there.


Our Ancestors were jerks.


Well in short, yes. Jerks survived and were better equipped to not only take care of themselves but probably had stock to take care of those close to them. The insensitive jerk would have made a good hunter, protector and probably would have reproduced more. Historically the "nice guy" may not have been able to survive or provide as well and any children he had may have died off. Likewise so did the women attracted to the nice guy and her children, whereas women who were attracted to jerks may have been more likely to survive and reproduce more.


The Answer is in women


Some studies suggest that the reason women may like jerks has more to do with the "selfish" desire to survive and reproduce. Although there may no longer be any outside threats, or need to hunt and gather in the western world today, many of these instinctual traits remain. A lot of jerks today seemingly have more to provide; jerks are not afraid to step on other people to get ahead or to be as ruthless as necessary to secure their own means. This is exactly why we see a lot of high powered corporate business men emitting these same "jerk" qualities. They have money, power, and can provide all because they are not afraid to do what it takes to get ahead. Being with a man of that power directly means she can secure some of those resources for herself and any prospective children ensuring survival of her genes. After all, I think we all have noticed that above any jerk, women chase money.


Well people don't think like that.


No, we are not saying women consciously think about these matters in they way we have presented, but they do (generally) follow these ideas whether consciously or not.


How do you explain the common everyday jerk.


Like any jerk, these everyday average income bracket jerks exude confidence. The "I'm right about everything" attitude that women seem to adore. The logic behind why she is so attracted to it is the idea that "if he is always so damn confident, there must be a good reason for it." And even if there is no reason that idea still remains that this jerk must have something amazingly impressive going for him. Women want to know what "it" is and how they can get close to it or be apart of it. Boom - instant attraction.

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