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Tuesday February 28th 2017

Finally! 6 of Your Q's About Women Solved

There are hundreds of questions we have about women and although we don't have answers to all of them (yet), science and research have answered these 6 questions you have and revealed startling insights that you may not have known about "the fairer sex": Read more >>

10 Signs Your Girlfriend is 'Crazy'

When her behavior begins to affect either of your lives (or your friends and families lives) in a negative manner it's time to take a step back and reevaluate whether or not it is a good idea to continue the relationship. Read more >>

How to Get Your Partner in the Mood

Research has shown that, unlike men, women need to relax into arousal and the parts of their brains that associate with outside stressors must deactivate. Here is some insight on how to promote intimacy and strike the mood in your partner: Read more >>

5 Rules to Gifting Lingerie like a Romeo

Whether you are embarrassed by or just plain clueless about ladies underwear, many men have a phobia preventing them from buying these items.. Here are some helpful hints to allay any lingerie-shopping anxiety you may still have. Read more >>

How To Spot A Gold Digger

Gold diggers are experts in exploiting lonely, wealthy hearts. And they donít stop at diamonds; they crave the big houses, flashy cars and yearlong holidays. Here are some easy ways to spot a gold digger early on in a relationship: Read more >>

Is Your Partner Emotionally Cheating?

Emotional cheating is a very common issue seen in coupleís therapy; it is very real and it is painful. While emotional affairs may not necessarily include physical contact (sexual encounters) they can be just as damaging to relationships and marriages, if not more so. Read more >>

Is Sex Addiction Real?

Sex addiction has stirred a lot of debate and interest. Does it or doesn't it exist? Despite being nearly 3 decades since its introduction, we still do not have any solid diagnostic criterion that exists with regard to sex addiction or, for that matter, sexual compulsivity. Read more >>

10 Psychological Gender Differences

We know that there are fundamental psychological differences between men and women. Here are some interesting and, perhaps, fun facts on these differences based on neuro-scientific research. Read more >>

How to Get Back in Her Good Graces

Your relationship error has put you in the proverbial doghouse once again. She is ignoring your phone calls, texts and emails. Here are ten things you can do to help you soothe your way back in. Read more >>

10 Things She Hates That You Do

Women have no shortage to their lists of annoying habits that men have. Knowing what habits women find annoying gives you an opportunity to break those habits and improve your relationship with the fairer sex. Read more >>

10 Signs You're a Sex Addict

If you think your sexual behavior is preventing you from functioning effectively in your daily life then you may be a sex addict. Here are ten common signs your behavior may be sexually compulsive. Read more >>

How to ask for What you Want in the Bedroom

There is a right way and there is a wrong way to go about asking for more active, adventurous intimacy with your partner. There are 4 simple things you should do and 4 simple things you should avoid when asking for more in the bedroom. Read more >>

Secrets to a Long-Distance Relationship

Despite all the ways technology can help us stay in touch, long distance relationships frequently fail. We sat down with leading relationship experts to find out the secrets to maintaining long distance love and why it often fails. Read more >>

11 Dos and Doníts for Dating Online

Looking for and meeting a potential mate online has become a normal part of our everyday lives. These eleven simple dos and don'ts that will help you to maximize your online experience and have you on the way to finding your perfect match. Read more >>

Pre-Date Grooming Checklist and Guide

Eric Rogell, the guy behind TheBachelorGuy.com and the new book, "The Art of War for Dating," has compiled a pre-date grooming checklist for the man who wants to win women over. Read more >>

10 Things to Make Your Relationship Better

Romance is a very small part of what makes a long-term relationship successful, it's getting the other 98 percent right that makes a couple last in the long haul. Read more >>

Fireproofing Your Marriage

Good marriages are not written in the stars. Instead, they are created by learning to connect. If that deep intimate connection is not present in our marriage, we will grow unhappy, dissatisfied, and perhaps look elsewhere for that need to be fulfilled. Read more >>

Sweeping Her Off Her Feet With Food

"The key to sweeping a woman off her feet is with food" and if you don't know how, Chef Eric S. Lee has some easy recipes to help you out and make her swoon. Read more >>

Valentine's Day Done Right

Your actions (or inactions) on Valentineís Day will be felt long after the day is over. Show her how much you care by giving her a stylish Valentineís she is bound to remember. An intimate evening with all the right gifts and accents will make it truly memorable. Read more >>

Why Women Cheat

Understanding why women cheat in general can help you to prevent them from doing so and strengthen a bond of trust and communication between you and your partner. Read more >>

Getting Your Ex Back

You know things weren't perfect in the relationship. The phone rings; your heart pounds; you anticipate her voice on the other end. Embarrassed? Don't worry. You're not the only one who wants an ex back. Read more >>

Gifts For Her...With You In Mind

Women want to feel special and, even more so, they want to feel like women. If you are not sure that you can pick out a gift that will do all that, donít sweat it. Just follow the list below and you will both be happy for days to come. Read more >>

How to Land a Sugar Mama

Men, too, should be lavished with expensive dinners and have extraordinary gifts offered to them by their dates. Women have been suckling at these perks for years, so it only seems fair that men should start to cash in. Here's how to land a Sugar Mama. Read more >>

Is She Cheating?

Analyzing body language and looking for indicative signs is not always easy and women will rarely Ďjust tell youí that they have cheated. Fortunately, there are clues that can indicate infidelity. Read more >>

Guide to Intercultural Dating

If you are concerned about pursuing a woman who has a stricter cultural background, be assured that while these relationships can be tough they are not impossible. Here are a few tips for navigating intercultural relationships. Read more >>

Should I Leave Her?

The most common reason destructive relationships are not ended is that the fear of making a 'bad decision' keeps guys locked in the situation. Here are the most common signs that you are in a sour relationship and itís time to leave her. Read more >>

Dating An Older Woman

There are a lot of attractive older women but before you decide to give intergenerational dating a go you need to know what you may be getting into. Read more >>

Reading Her Body Language

Have you ever wished that you could just read a womanís mind? Well lucky for you there are signs and signals women give off that, if interpreted right, will let you read her like a book Ėgiving you clear insight on her intentions, thoughts and desires. Read more >>

Getting Her To Lose Weight

So your girlfriend has been steadily putting on the pounds since you have been with her and you want to address the issue without offending her, or causing problems, here's how you can do it. Read more >>

Why do Women Like Jerks?

Why the hell is it that girls seem to be so attracted to the most egotistical, pompous jerks out there? We have done the research and crunched the numbers to answer this age-old question. Read more >>

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