Valentine's Day Done Right


Many women consider their partner's actions (or inactions) on Valentine’s Day as a measure of their love for them. Show her how much you care by giving her a stylish Valentine’s she is bound to remember. An intimate evening with all the right gifts and accents will make it truly memorable.

The Setting


Many women want Valentine’s Day to be special so you are going to need the right setting. Put a fashionable slipcover over your couch, chairs and bed. (Fashionable slipcovers can be found at Sure Fit Furniture Solutions). Strategically place some candles on your coffee table, in/around your tub and next to your bed. Add flowers and burn a large scented candle. Now you have created a perfect atmosphere to host your Valentine’s Day.



Women love chocolate. The Nestlé Noir is a revolutionary wave shaped chocolate bar that compliments one’s palate and creates a new in-mouth experience. The Nestlé Noir tablet has been formed to optimize the zones of contact and heat transfer points in the mouth. This decadent chocolate is available in five flavours: Nestlé Noir Éclat Caramel, Nestlé Noir Intense, Nestlé Noir Éclat Noir, Nestlé Noir Éclat Sublime, Nestlé Noir Éclat Miel Amandes.



Jewelery is an obvious gift that women never tire of. The key, however, is to select the right jewels for your woman. Diamonds are a given. David Mamane, CEO of suggests any of these traditionalist gifts for that special woman on your list: Diamond Studs ($925), Tennis Bracelet ($980) and/or a Solitaire Diamond Necklace ($775). Any of these gifts are bound to make her smile and keep her happy.



Open a bottle of Elysium, a red ribbon and the finest chocolate dessert you can find. Elysium is made from the Black Muscat grape with a rose and litchi scent and is especially appropriate for Valentine's Day. Pair Elysium with a dark chocolate dessert - or accompany your dessert with some Essensia, made from delicious Orange Muscat grapes (known in Italy as Orange Blossom Muscat). This is best paired with chocolate desserts containing almonds, peaches, apples or apricots.



For the gift of a relaxing B&B escape, you can try a  “Getaway Gift Card” from which can be used at more than 4,000 B&Bs across the United States and Canada. There are no fees, no taxes, no expiration or blackout dates. Instant online buying means that you can give a no-strings gift that offers complete flexibility. Buy and instantly print your customized B&B gift card, complete with your personalized message and choice of design.  You can even upload a photo of you and your lady right onto your gift card.

Bonus Points


If you really want to melt her heart this Valentine’s Day - spread some much needed love to abused animals. You can show her your sweet side and “adopt” an animal on her behalf from Farm Sanctuary ( Sponsorship “adoptions” start at just $10 a month.

Last Minute


It’s Valentine’s Day and you haven’t gotten her anything yet? Never fear - allows you to send a variety of gifts instantaneously via text message, “saving your ass” and your relationship.  Simply select a gift – a bottle of wine, bouquet of flowers or a 60-minute massage, for example – and enters in your lady’s cell phone number with a personal message. She will instantly receive a text message with a gift code to redeem in store or online.



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