The Workout Basics


Working out has become a cultural must. It's good for your health, it's good for your image and it's good for your confidence. Nowadays more guys are working out than ever, which is great - but that also means far too many guys are heading to gyms without basic workout knowledge. I have been to the gym countless times yet whenever I seem to go there is always some guy in there giving himself a hernia attempting to do an exercise. These are the guys who are really easy to pick out. They are the ones who have a bright red face from over exertion and the obvious expression of pain. These are the guys who are doing too much.


On the other end of the spectrum there are the guys who do way too little. These guys socialize too much and lift too little. Socializing is fine and all, but remember you are in the gym to workout - so do it. If you stop to talk for more than 5 minutes straight, then you are socializing way too much and need to refocus yourself. If you lose sight of your focus you will lose sight of your goals and lose the results your looking for.


If you are or ever were one of these guys I described above please cut it out, you guys do not know what you are doing. In addition, what you are doing is either a waste of your time or detrimental to your personal health. Over the years I have specially trained in various sports to reach my goals and have trained many others to reach their goals. Years of experience have allowed me to fine tune various exercise schedules and routines, which work for me. I would like to emphasize the word ďme." The reason being is everyone is different, especially when it comes to working out. Working out is a very personal thing and you have to listen to your body.


If you are doing an exercise and your body does not feel as if it is working at all I would say it is time to throw on some more weight. On the contrary, if you have to perform exercises incorrectly in order to lift the weight then I would say it is time to take off some weight so you can perform the exercise correctly.


Regardless of who you are, the best results from working out come after taking some time to evaluate what your goals are. Then you can take some time to evaluate which exercises suite you best and what kind of workout interval is going to work best for your desired results.


Different programs call for different routines, but generally speaking, working out every other day one should do no more than three sets per muscle group while working out every three days one should do no more than six sets per muscle group. The number of reps you should do depends on your desired effect. Fifteen to twenty reps per set with lighter weights will tone muscles; whereas eight to twelve reps per set with heavier weights will enlarge muscles.

Make sure to begin each workout session with a warm up. I know everyone has heard this before but it does not hurt to hear it again nor does it hurt to actually warm up. A warm-up may consist of a light stretch and then five to ten minutes of either jogging on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike. Make sure to stretch again after the warm-up run but before you start your workout. Remember, if you do decide to jog or bike it should not be overly strenuous and should not bring you anywhere near the point of sweat.


When it comes to the actual working out please keep this in mind. If you are trying to get stronger, bigger, or sexier then make sure you do not go full out on every single set. You should go all out on your last set and only on your last set Ė it should be a finishing set. After all, you are building up to your goal youíre not already there. So your last set should be a little heavier or at least heavy enough that you can drive yourself to exhaustion finishing that last set. Successfully completing your last set to exhaustion is the goal of your workout. This is the step where you tear the muscles fibers that allow new muscle fiber growth.


To illustrate this point a proper 3 set muscle workout should be as follows: Set one should be done to sixty percent of maximum exertion followed by set two which will be roughly seventy to eighty percent of maximum exertion which in turn is followed by set three which will be the maximum exertion set.


You should always try to record the number of reps done in each set as well as the level of exertion you feel you reached in each set. This is the best way to ensure progress and avoid running into a plateau phase. In addition, recording helps one to figure out what works for them and what does not work. You wont be able to retune your workout to your body if you donít know or donít remember what routines and sets you have tried in the past.


Finally, remember to rest. Itís really simple and easy to say yet there are still way too many men out there who are forgetting to get proper rest after a workout. This doesnít just mean the night-of the workout or even the next day. No, this means lay off that muscle group for a few days (three to four minimum), get lots of sleep and eat according to a caloric intake that meets your goals/needs.


So next time you go to the gym remember these basics and make sure you try out any of the hints and tips that you may not have known in order to help make your next workout session a success. Remember, it is all about figuring out what works best for you and your body. After all, real men workout - properly.



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