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Saturday April 29th 2017

Japan Counterculture: The Soushoku Danshi

For every dominant tribe or sphere of influence, there is an esoteric and complicated counterpart. In Japan, many men are shunning traditional values and embracing the lifestyle of the soushoku danshi: grass-eating men. Read more >>

Is the Mafia Dead?

The Italian mafia was arguably the biggest and most recognized organized crime outfit in the US but lately, it seems the Cosa Nostra has stepped out of the spotlight and taken a back seat at the box office. Is it because the Italian mob is dead? Read more >>

Is Worldwide Nuclear Disarmament Possible?

Media has criticized President Obama for views regarding global nuclear disarmament but what do foreign relations advisors and defense experts say? Is Worldwide Nuclear Disarmament Possible? Read more >>

Pakistan and the Taliban: Itís Complicated

The Taliban has a strong presence in Pakistan and are openly supported by a prominent Pakistani political party. Is Pakistan promising one thing to our face and supporting the Taliban behind our back? Well, itís complicated. Read more >>

Mexico's War On Drugs

Mexico's drug cartels are so dangerous they pose the government a serious problem. The problem is so bad that it has brought international concerns but the troubles are yet to slow down. Read more >>

Another "Cold" War?

Discord between Russia and its neighbours has cast a shadow of suspicion over the former Soviet republic. Could this lead to a new cold war? Read more >>

Picking a Candidate

Voting in an election is an important tool for change. But, before you can vote you need to know who you want to vote for and this means making an informed decision. Here's how you do it. Read more >>

If you are going to lie, tell believable lies and keep track of the lies you tell; this will prevent you from being caught in your lie.

If a male birthcontrol pill becomes available, will you take it?

Only if she made me
No, I'm concerned about my health
Hell no. The 'pill' is her problem

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