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Saturday April 29th 2017

Smart Guide To Poker

Smart Guide To Poker

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Know When to Check

Unlike calling, checking involves the act of continuing the round of play without it costing you any more than your ante.  If you are waiting to see what the next card(s) will be, then checking is a smart move to make. However, you can only check if you are the first better or if everyone before you has also checked. If someone before has bet you must call, raise or fold. If you are confident that your hand is unbeatable, then you should check in an attempt to get your opponents to raise the pot before doing it yourself. Not only will you have roped them into adding more chips to the pot, but, if lucky, you will have found yourself the lone victor because of it.  

Know When to Raise

In order to remain in the game you must either call or bet. Raise the blind only if and when the cards call for it.  Raising the blind is the act of increasing the amount in play.  Youíll want to raise the blind for the purpose of forcing your opponents to either do the same or fold.  Itís a game of 'cat and mouse' and the side youíre on depends on your willingness to take a risk.  At first, you should only raise in small amounts in order to give the impression that you may not be holding a winning hand.  If done properly, it should rope the other players into adding more money to the pot in an attempt to get you to fold.  Now, you can begin increasing your raise with every turn and force them to fold instead.      

Playing Smart is the Key

Playing smart is the key to winning at poker.  Knowing when to fold, bet, call, check and raise are the elements that can make for a winning hand.  Poker is a game of chance, and you must be willing to take a risk; otherwise, your seat at the table wonít be occupied for long.  Maintain the same facial expression throughout the entire game, and make it as difficult as possible for your opponents to read you.  Avoid potential distractions and concentrate solely on eliminating your opponents before they eliminate you.  Remember, keep your composure and lead the other players; don't get caught letting them lead you.




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