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Tuesday February 28th 2017

Post Fatherís Day Gift Replacement Guide

Post Fatherís Day Gift Replacement Guide

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So maybe you didnít get what you wanted for Fatherís Day or maybe you were the one who let down Dad; either way, have no fear because we have put together this pickup list to help you make things right and replace the duds with some gems and keep everyone smiling.

Amedeo Neck Tie Set

Amedeo luxury tie sets are a great way to keep looking sharp. Handmade and crafted from silk, cashmere, and expertly milled cotton, these necktie sets are a sure winner and, best of all, the set includes a matching silk handkerchief and matching silk cuff links! We strongly recommend the Patterned Hero Tie Set (featured above) for this season but there are more than 110 striking colours and patterns available online.  $88  amedeoexclusive.com

Nescafť Dolce Gusto Genio

It knows exactly just how everyone likes their coffee and it has it prepared hot and ready when you awake. It digitally memorizes drink preferences and comes equipped with professional espresso technology and 15 bars of pressure. The Genio also has a sleek automated flow-stop feature that can prepare up to 15 hot and cold beverages completely on its own within seconds, including custom cappuccinos, piping hot espressos or even delicious hot chocolate. The Nescafť Dolce Gusto Genio is available in Black and Graphite. ($129)  www.dolce-gusto.us

Plantronic BackBeat GO Wireless Earbuds

Who doesnít like music? But who enjoys tangled earphone cords? These light, wireless stereo earbuds feature a tangle-free cord that makes them a excellent for smartphones and tablets. Best of all, they produce a deep, rich, stereo sound and utilize noise reduction technology for improved call clarity. They also feature inline controls that allow you to take calls, skip tracks, and adjust volume all at your fingertips.  $99 www.plantronics.com

Doppler Artisan Umbrella

This incredibly stylish artisan umbrella is made in Austria by Doppler; a 60-year-old company that has become one of the leading producers of umbrellas and garden parasols in Europe.  It features a perfect form, design, craftsmanship and was created from the most durable and lasting materials. $95.00 natsherman.com

Glendronach 1968

This rare Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a 1990s bottling of 1968 Glendronach in a Sherry Cask. The 1968 Distillation is one of the Glendronach's finest examples of a very old, sherry cask matured malt whisky. Only a limited quantity of the reserve remains but if you can get your hands on it, the rich, dark, sherry wood scented malt smoke will please the most discerning of drinkers. Appx $410.00




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