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Friday April 28th 2017

Dangerous Destinations

Dangerous Destinations

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Traveling is one of life's most thrilling, eye-opening and often memorable experiences. And while visiting places like Stonehenge, the Pyramids or even Las Vegas can be an unforgettable adventure, every so often we yearn to see something a little less ordinary, to take the path less traveled in hopes of finding a new buzz. Here are five popular destinations that call out to the intrepid traveller searching for something new, intriguing and most of all - dangerous.




Afghanistan has been at war for 30 years, beginning with the Soviet invasion in the 1980's. The country has a long history of occupation, most recently by the United States. It is the rare traveler that chooses to visit modern Afghanistan. One of the poorest nations on the planet, an excursion to Afghanistan can include stepping on a land mine and being blown to bits, facing extreme racism from its’ countrymen, encountering a Taliban fighter or being on the receiving end of a violent hate crime. If you have hard drugs in mind, a visit to the country’s abundant opium fields might be a nice side trip as Afghanistan is the one of the world’s leading opium exports. Although the country has been racked by war, it is a naturally beautiful nation with a long and treasured history. The beautifully bare highlands and large rolling plains are a compliment to the hospitality a mindful traveler will encounter when visiting with Afghans.




Skip a few stones and you are in another severely dangerous nation. Somalia has not had a functioning central government in over a decade. Sure this place has a nice climate year round and miles of sandy beach bordering the beautiful Indian Ocean, but cruising these waters carries risks. Piracy is a major problem in this country and we are not talking about the innocuous swashbuckling folk of Disney lore. These modern-day pirates will not hesitate to attack vessels they consider of high value. However, on land it is a different story. Since Somalia's civil war, which broke out nearly 20 years ago, the state has divided itself into dozens of warring fiefdoms. Somalia’s minister of tourism admitted that his country has not greeted an official tourist in over 14 years, and you might not want to be their first.




As beautiful a country as they come, Haiti would be a grand destination if you could ignore hunger riots and police brutality under an unstable government that allegedly organizes  'Voodoo Death Squads'. Anywhere in the Caribbean will offer you warm waters and gorgeous sunsets every night, and Haiti has a fantastic chest of natural assets. While a vibrant culture of food, music and myth are still very alive in Haiti, taking a journey to experience all that any time soon would simply be asking for trouble.

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