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Friday April 28th 2017

9 Wickedly Successful New Year Strategies

9 Wickedly Successful New Year Strategies

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Millions of people trudge week after week at a dreary job, drive home fretting about money, only to spend their evenings robot-walking through the usual haze of homework battles and half-finished chores. Passion and fulfillment? No; sheer survival. And the worst part is most of us have accepted this as the way it has to be.  But it really doesn’t have to be that way. You can truly change your life by breaking old habits, putting real boundaries in place and tapping into your determination to find the success you desire. Moreover, you can take control over your own happiness. To achieve “Wicked Success” here are nine strategies that can help you:

Break the feel-good addiction

Results are yielded where our focus is spent. Unfortunately, however, because we like to feel good we often find ourselves gravitating to what is easy over what is productive; majoring in minor accomplishments, wasting time surfing the Internet, watching TV, hanging out on Facebook or playing games.  Here’s a news flash: There’s no real life prize for beating the game high score.  While there is certainly value in and a time for entertainment, let go of the excess time-sucking distractions. The more superficial things you engage in the more superficial your life and accomplishments will be. Next time you have a break choose to take a step toward achieving one of your goals.

Stop saying “Yes” by default

 It’s a hard lesson to learn but in order to be wickedly successful you have to be willing to say “no” to some things, including some really great things and some really great ideas. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and pulled in every direction you won’t be able to lead yourself, much less anyone else. Stop overcommitting your energy to every person or situation that demands it.  You need to set your own expectations of what you want to accomplish. Don’t let your career or life take a backseat to everyone else’s. Yes, you may have responsibilities to others but you’ve also got a responsibility to yourself.

Do something productive every day

You eat a whale the same way you eat an apple – one bite at a time. Successful people understand that to accomplish any project you can’t expect to do it all at once. This is often why our New Year’s resolutions don’t work out.  After a few days of no results people get discouraged and quit. Realize that you aren’t going to achieve your goals overnight and that you will have to work at it every day for a long period of time. Committing yourself to doing something big every day towards that project or goal and you’ll reach it. Keep working out regularly and slowly but surely you’ll see the results. Find something you can improve and start improving it -- one bite, one step, one day at a time.

Stop hanging out with losers

When you choose to hang around people with negative traits negative behaviors those negatives will rub off on you. Think about it this way: If you’re struggling to achieve a goal, you shouldn’t hang out with someone else who is struggling to achieve that same goal. If you want to be great at golf, you don’t hang out with a bad golfer. Successful people tend to hang out with other successful people. Stick with the winners.

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