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Tuesday February 28th 2017

5 Bucket List Items to Cross Off in 2011

5 Bucket List Items to Cross Off in 2011

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The possibilities are endless. Should you swim with the sharks or ride the world's tallest roller coaster? Bungee jump or see the Great Wall of China? Accomplishing something on your bucket list will take some planning, but before you can even get to that stage you need to decide what to do. Here are five of our favourite, realistic suggestions for incredible things to do and cross off your bucket list in 2011.

1. See One of Earth's Natural Wonders

Okay, it would be great if you could go see all seven natural wonders of the world, but that's a lot of travelling and money. So, choose the one that sounds the most interesting to you and then plan accordingly. Make a fun vacation out of it. Most of the wonders are located in exotic locations with much to see and the key to success for any vacation is to do some research about the area you are travelling to. With seven vastly different places to see you are bound to choose one that will blow your mind. Just in case you are not sure what those places are, here's the run down: The Grand Canyon, The Northern Lights to the, ahem, North of the globe, Mount Everest on the border of Tibet and China, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, The Paricutan Volcano in Mexico, The Harbor at Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and, of course, The Great Barrier Reef on the Australian coast. There are, of course, many other man made and modern (and whatever else they could think of) wonders, but the natural wonders are a great start. And the best part about the visiting the Natural Wonders is that they are generally free (except for the travel to get there).

2. Experience Weightlessness

You may not make it to outer space but you can get the same feeling without ever leaving the stratosphere. The Zero-G Corporation has begun capitalizing on one of the most out-of-this-world, downright fantastic feelings there is - weightlessness. Their Boeing 727 flights take off from their locations in either Nevada or Florida, soars to an altitude of 34,000 ft. and then for the next 20 to 30 seconds everything inside the plane becomes weightless and passengers actually float about the cabin. The seemingly gravity-defying act, known as a parabolic flight, involves having the plane nose-dive a few degrees only to pull up again to the 34,000ft height in order to deliver the weightless experience - this act is repeated 12 to 15 more times during the flight. The fun continues once you have landed, so you are definitely getting your money's worth; you get to party with your zero gravity mates and will receive plenty of cool swag to commemorate the whole experience. With pictures, DVDs, awards and flight suits as take home gifts, you won't soon forget the flight that made you feel lighter than air. The experience will run you a handsome $4,950.

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