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Friday April 28th 2017

29 "Truths" to Immeasurable Success

29 "Truths" to Immeasurable Success

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There are certain truths every graduating senior--and, in fact, every person in general--could benefit from knowing, to help and guide them as they tackle "the real world." You may have heard some of these short, sweet, success-oriented instructions before, but they bear repeating because they've withstood the test of time, and because if you pay attention and take them to heart, they can guide you in the direction of great things. Life will never stop challenging your abilities, your integrity, and your motivation, so you have two choices: You can meet life's challenges forewarned and thus forearmed, or you can learn a lot of important lessons the hard way.

The first impression is made in the first 90 seconds.

First impressions last a long time and are surprisingly difficult to change so don't underestimate the value of a well-groomed appearance, firm handshake, a friendly smile, and a genuine demeanor--they'll help you start relationships off on the right foot every time.

Your age does not matter.

Young age and inexperience might feel like a disadvantage but the truth is quality is more important than quantity. Your ideas, your commitment, your character, and your willingness to grow and improve are every bit as valuable as years on the job.

Dress the part.

Yes, it's important to express yourself and to be fairly comfortable, but so is wearing appropriate clothing. When you dress as though you're already in the position you'd like to have, you're one step closer to being there.

Be the plow horse, not the show horse.

Focus on doing diligent, reliable, honest work, not on receiving accolades. If you put in the hours and truly earn the respect you want, your time in the spotlight will last longer and will be much more fulfilling.

Set goals that scare you. Then set bigger goals.

If you're not challenging yourself you're probably not growing--so set goals that you know will stretch your intellect, your persistence, and your ingenuity. And once you've achieved them, set more. Think of these goals as being your "life plan." Staying focused on your goals will help you not to inadvertently waste time and effort. And most of all, remember that what gets planned gets done.

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