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Tuesday February 28th 2017

Surviving Crime

Surviving Crime

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The United States has witnessed a progression in violent crimes over the last 40 years.  Since 1964, the U.S. crime rate has increased by as much as 350%, and over 11 million crimes were reported in the year 2007 alone.  Because many victims fail to notify the proper authorities about their attacks, thousands of crimes go unreported every year (for example, as low as 26% of all rapes in the United States are reported to authorities).  Rape, murder, burglary, sexual assault and domestic abuse - as well as a slew of others - are the main crimes that continue to demoralize our once prominent nation.      

Many people are being forced to live in fear, within their own homes, because the problem continues to grow and they are unable or unprepared to cope with the situation. The best bet for any man (living in a ‘safe’ area or a ‘bad’ area) is to be prepared.  Increased government efforts and policies are in place to control crime but actual prevention always begins with you. Though the number crimes continue to increase there are ways to prepare yourself before an actual attack happens.

Security Within the Home

You should know all the entry and exit points, as well as possible hiding spots.  It’s important to know that information as well as you can so you don’t forget it in a moment of panic. Some people even go as far as to place objects throughout certain areas of their homes that can be used for defense purposes.  Checking all the locks and windows before going to sleep may also deter possible attackers.  If the resources are available to you, then you may want to install an alarm with a code that only you will know.  Also, having your local police on speed dial will make it all the more easier - and faster - to report an attack.

Security Outside the Home

Because most attacks are committed by people close to you, you should get to know your neighbors and their personalities.  Creating a neighborhood watch will provide a sense of security for those and by those living within your area.  When venturing out alone or with your woman, you may want to consider carrying a neutral object that can be used for defense if need be (whistle, pepper spray, etc.).  Try to avoid dark parking lots and alleys, heavily wooded areas and parks.  Reports suggest that these are prime areas for attackers lying in wait.  Furthermore, if you have children, then you should come up with a “safe word” that can be used in the event of an attack.  Another direction you can take to fend off a possible attacker is to participate in self-defense classes.  Not only will these programs prepare you in the physical sense, but they’ll also educate you on how to ready yourself mentally.


Self-defense classes are offered for men too and are a great form of physical exercise. Instructors provide relative information for eluding potential attackers, as well as techniques for fending them off during the act itself.  If available, there may also be mock attacks for the purpose of physical training.  All these classes can help ready you both physically and mentally for an attack. Even if you never have to put this knowledge into play, it can be reassuring to know that you have been trained to stop an attacker. Sometimes that peace of mind is the most rewarding thing.

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