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Monday August 29th 2016

How to Be a Badass

How to Be a Badass

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We all know that guy. He's got the James Dean-esque mystique, probably a leather jacket and, frankly, he could give a damn. He turns heads, he gets the girls, and he's unaffected by the little things. But, more than anything, he's got self-confidence you would kill for. He's a badass. You might call him names behind his back, but you wouldn't dare do it to his face. You want to be that guy but you don't know how. Some things are hard to learn, but lucky for you the “tough guy rebel” attitude is easy to fake. Just follow these tips and reap the rewards of an alpha male.


Confidence is King


The absolute greatest weapon in a tough guy's arsenal is confidence. Tough guys and rebels don't stammer or stutter and they always look you in the eye. They radiate confidence. You need to be comfortable enough with yourself to not care what others think; not give a damn. Even if you don't 'feel' that way yet –- act like you do. The feeling will follow the action. Stop placing limits on yourself. Go talk to the hottest girl in the bar. She's not out of your league. If she shuts you down, who cares? This mindset might be easier said than done but it will come more naturally as you get more comfortable with yourself. As you build your confidence you will also find that people will naturally gravitate towards you. Confidence is attractive. Women like a man who is certain of himself, not someone they constantly have to reassure -- it gets old fast.


There is a difference, however, between being confident and being cocky. You don't need to show your confidence by being the loudest mouth in the bar or picking fights. This will only work against you and push others away. Keep it cool or you may have to trade punches with the real deal.


Stand Up for Yourself


This is obvious. If you really were that tough guy you want to be, were 'edgier' or just had a bad attitude, you probably wouldn't let people walk all over you. This does not mean you should fly into a rage over every little thing, but when you are truly disrespected you should have the gall to do something about it. More often than not, it's just about calling someone out when they have wronged you or those around you. If you want to be that badass, tough guy, then it is your job to stand up to offenders. Alright, chances are you aren't going to take on the 300 pound biker disrupting the bar -- that is probably a dangerous and stupid move. But you could probably tell the office gossip to 'shove it' and keep her nose out of everyone's business, right? If you're serious about being a 'badass,' then it is crucial you follow through. Nobody likes someone who is all talk and no show.

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