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Friday April 28th 2017

The Future Of Travel

The Future Of Travel

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Travel is an ever-changing experience.  We are constantly finding new and exciting locations to go and finding new ways of getting there. The boundaries have broadened and the innovative means for travel will continue to expand due to the advancement technology. The future of travel is upon us and the predictions from the past are coming to fruition.  The evolution has increased to something of science fiction proportions. So just what type of advancements in travel can we expect in the near future?

Automotive Travel

“Carriages without horses will go.” This was a prophecy that Mother Shipton, a legendary Yorkshire witch and prophet, made round the 16th Century. Today we call these horseless carriages automobiles. In the 1970s an engineer in Japan made a similar prediction when he foretold that cars would drive themselves. Today, there are several countries vying to produce the first driverless automobile.  As the technology is perfected, these driver-free vehicles will operate on electronic stability control, satellite-based digital mapping, lasers and motion sensor technology. The engineers and innovators predict that the development of these futuristic automobiles will not be the obstacle; instead, the apprehensive public will offer the greatest challenge to getting these automobiles on the road.

Research shows that the average American spends over 100 hours per year commuting. This invention will allow people to recapture the time otherwise spent behind the wheel focusing on the road.  Catching up on email, phone calls or simply enjoying the landscape of a scenic drive will improve your overall quality lifestyle.  These vehicles will also offer several safety benefits. The outcome of fewer people behind the wheel can equate to fewer road rage incidents and the margin of human driving errors will be diminished by sophisticated computer technology.  The end result should bring efficiencies in time and revolutions in safety.

The leading candidates to produce the first completely driver-free vehicle are: the Netherlands who has employed the ‘2getthere Project’, Italy who created the ‘ARGO Research Project’, and the European Commission is funding the ‘ECU Eureka Prometheus Project’ while the United States competes with their ‘DARPA Grand Challenge’. Commercial models of these vehicles should be hitting the road in about a decade.

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