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Friday April 28th 2017

Guide To Smart Traveling

Guide To Smart Traveling

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Traveling can be tricky business.  Without a game plan and the right attitude, a vacation can become a nightmare. To make your vacation the best it can be, you need to start planning well in advance. Pay attention to ALL the details because errors in judgment can determine the overall vibe of your getaway. Here are a few tips that can help turn a potential ‘vacation from hell’ story into a ‘best vacation of my life’ story.

Preparing To Leave

Airlines tend to offers the lowest prices on tickets purchased at least 21 days in advance. However, advance purchase fares can sometimes be secured in as little as 7 or 14 days prior to your departure date but be wary of the season you are traveling because some seasons are much busier than others making it much harder to find cheaper tickets within 21 days of departure. Advance tickets may be cheaper but certain departure seasons are always more expensive.  When winter begins and temperatures start dropping in the North, summer is just beginning in places south of the equator.  This makes winter air travel for people in the North very popular, which, in turn, drives up overall travel fare for that season. Balmy weather, tranquil waters with endless bikini parades cost more; even the lodging and cost of your “shaken not stirred” Martini.

With the economic uncertainties many of us are experiencing, saving on travel becomes more important than ever.  The key is to remain flexible with your travel plans by potentially delaying your trip or altering the destination.  This will allow you the freedom to take advantage of any pending savings.  So how do you avoid spending extra money without compromising your vacation goals?  It’s simple, do a little research. Remember most vacation packages increase in price during the destination’s summer season; February in Brazil is like July in Minnesota. By booking around the destination’s summer season you can score cheaper prices, good weather and less tourists. Likewise, vacation destinations which are more popular for their winter season, like Switzerland or the Florida Keys, often have discounted prices during their summer months and are equally as beautiful and relaxing during the off-seasons.


When you pack your bags try not to over-pack. This will spare your wallet and your back. With baggage fees at approximately $15 per bag, you can end up spending your vacation money before your vacation even begins.  Packing wisely will save you the hassle of lugging heavy bags around and, at the same time, minimize the opportunity for lost or stolen items.  Heavy luggage will instill anxiety, frustration and fatigue - especially if you are city hopping.  Always carry a copy of your identification information separate from where you keep your actual passport, driver’s license, and other important documents.  Make sure someone back home has copies of your itinerary and identification should an emergency arise. Consider dispersing your money throughout your belongings. This may sound a bit strange but this is a safe guard in case your wallet is lost or stolen. You will still have some funds since all of your money was not in one place.

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