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Friday April 28th 2017

Northern Vacations

Northern Vacations

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When the weather cools down and it comes time to use those sick days you strategically saved up for, a winter getaway is just what you need and some of the best winter spots to vacation are north of the equator. We have traversed the northern hemisphere in search of some of the best winter destinations on the globe. Here is a list of the top ten off-the-beaten-path winter getaways to help you get your vacation started in 'chilled' style, because winter will be over before you know it.


Sweden's Ice Hotel


For those of you who enjoy the colder days of the year and are looking for a break from the norm, then spending a couple of days in Sweden’s Ice Hotel could be the ideal experience. In what truly is a wonder of the modern world, this hotel made entirely of ice and snow, allows guests to stay in a real winter wonderland. Though Lapland, Sweden claims the original ice hotel, the concept has taken off and can now be found in Canada, Norway, Greenland and Alaska. It may be cold, but staying in an igloo of sorts will be an experience you won’t soon forget.




Skiing is a staple of the winter, so why waste a perfectly plentiful amount of snow for a tropical vacation when it will be melted away all too soon? Ski away your stress in Andorra, a country that boasts the world’s highest human life expectancy (83.5 years on average). The modest country, nestled between France and Spain, offers great slopes with breathtaking views, friendly locals, and significantly fewer tourists than any other ski destination in the Alps. Visiting the country’s Pyrenees Mountain region when you want to hit the slopes (without breaking the bank) could be the perfect blend of snow and relaxation during the winter months.


Quebec's Annual Winter Carnival


If you are looking for the biggest party of the winter season then check out Quebec’s Annual Winter Carnival, the world’s largest winter carnival. Known as the Mardis Gras of winter, this Canadian province proves that the fun does not stop just because the temperature has dropped. This is easily the most fun one can find in the bleak winter months. Activities range from ice and snow sculpture competitions, dog-sledding, nightly parades, concerts, an activity called snow bathing, which is only for the most courageous of snow lovers, and so much more. While in the French province, stay a night or two in one of the world’s most photographed hotels, the Chateau Frontenac, which looks like a palace atop the city of Quebec and makes guests feel like royalty.


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