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Friday April 28th 2017

The 15 Ultimate Bachelor Pad Essentials

The 15 Ultimate Bachelor Pad Essentials

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A bachelor pad is not just some stylish relic of the seventies nor is simply a term for a manís home. A bachelor pad is an exterior, worldly representation of the man who lives there and the Ďultimate bachelorís padí is the idealized living space for the ultra-modern, trendy manís man. It is the supreme fantasy home; the wet dream of male residence. A fortress of comfortable solitude stylized by the latest in luxury living and top-of-the-line gadgets. Of course every manís pad will be different, illustrating his unique tastes and character, but there are some agreed essentials that are universal in defining the Ďultimate bachelor pad.í


A View


A view is pivotal in defining the ultimate pad. An awe-inspiring view can leave visitors breathless and instill a sense of power or control over destiny. The view could be scenic nature with roaming hills and grand-esque mountains or perhaps it may be of an urban skyline, over looking the city. The point is that the view should be both powerful and inspiring, which often means that the view is more important (in terms of luxury) than the actual location of the home.


Maid Service


A clean place is a must. It is hard to respect any place, no matter how well designed it may be, if it is dirty. When hiring a maid you need to make the choice on whether you will hire an individual or a service. There are advantages and disadvantages to each approach. With an individual, you can get referrals and can ensure that only one person will be in your home. However, hiring an individual means there is no replacement when your maid gets sick and some tax laws even require you to pay the maid as an employee (which means extra taxes) rather than paying her for her service (unlike paying a maid service company).


Wine Rack


Custom made is always the way to go, but if you are looking for something pre-built then a refrigerated wine cabinet and beverage center from Marvel Industries may just be the way to go. A proper wink rack should balance bottles of bubbly at just the right angle to keep corks moist and should have a slide-out wine rack which can hold at least five bottles in the compartment. Any decent refrigerated model should have room for around 30 bottles and around 60 12-ounce cans.


Shag Rug


A luxury no guy should be without. A Contemporary Shag rug is more than just an style icon of the seventies. When properly picked it can add a luxurious and organic quality to the flooring. We recommend hand-tufted, limited edition model rugs by Urba with the 3 inch-high pile option. These are some of the most comfortable and stylish shag rugs we have come across but just because you have a shag rug doesnít mean you can place it anywhere. Find the right room (usually an office, living room or TV/leisure room) to place it in.

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