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Wednesday December 7th 2016

Careers At Shave

Work At ShaveMagazine


Writing Internships


Each year SHAVE accepts a small handful of young interns who are eager to break into the publishing industry. If you feel you are talented and would like the opportunity, email interns@shavemagazine.com


Online Marketing Representative


Job responsibilities will include supporting the online marketing team in its day-to-day functions including the development, execution and reporting on daily marketing initiatives. Email jobs-1004@shavemagazine.com


Sales Manager


This is a great opportunity to have a direct impact on the day-to-day business of a leading interactive media organization. you must have Online media experience and at least 3 Years in sales operations/sales support experience. Email jobs-1005@shavemagazine.com


Freelance Camera Operator


This position's core responsibility will be to shoot video features, as well as coordinating external freelance shoots when necessary. This person should possess a variety of video production skills, have great communication abilities, be organized and have a love for all things entertainment related. Email jobs-1006@shavemagazine.com


Web Developer


You'll be creating unique, interactive and entertaining web programs using languages such as PHP, Python, Javascript and/or Flash ActionScript. Maintain, troubleshoot and enhance the CMS, manage new technologies, ensure site is loading at its highest speed through optimization, code simplification, etc. Ensure cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility. Email jobs-1007@shavemagazine.com


Freelance Web Designer


You'll be designing websites and other compelling, unique, interactive and entertaining web activities. You'll work with a team of artists and developers, designing and breathing life into interactive designs. Email jobs-1008@shavemagazine.com



SHAVE is an Equal Opportunity Employer and has an Affirmative Action Program.


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