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Wednesday July 27th 2016

Defend Yourself

Defend Yourself

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While preventive measures can avert compromising situations, anyone can quickly become subject to a random or violent attack. At these times, survival skills and strategies become vital. Experts on violent crimes agree that the most likely victims in these attacks, and the ones who sustain the most damage, are those who are caught off guard and are unprepared.  Though we would all like to believe that we are immune to such exploits, this sort of illegal assault happens millions of times over each year.  While you may not have years of discipline, study or martial arts mastery, you can still easily defend yourself from most attackers by remembering a few critical strategies and a few critical strikes.


Evading an assailant is the best strategy.  It should be your first resort rather than attempting to block the attacker's blows.  This will prove far more successful with less risk of injury and/or death.  If you cannot escape and are forced into a confrontation, attempt to dodge attacks rather than block them. With some technique and proper footwork, the aggressor becomes almost powerless to strike a blow with any severe force; this will help you keep an advantage. This may give you the opening you need to escape the situation.


When you are in imminent danger from an attacker and an escape is impossible, your only choice may be self-defense.   Winning or losing is not the objective.  Your goal is to survive and/or neutralize the situation. Disabling the aggressive opponent for a successful ‘getaway’ should be your primary objective if you cannot escape the confrontation. Stay calm. Strike first whenever possible and remaining poised with both hands up - this bold behavior will unnerve most 'would-be' attackers and make them much less efficient.  Continue striking until the assailant is adequately disabled or completely down so a getaway can be achieved. Hesitation or pausing gives the attacker an advantage and an open to resume his/her attack - so do not hesitate.

Strikes On Pressure Points

Knowing where ones pressure points are located is perhaps the best equalizer when facing off against a larger person.  The larger an attacker is the easier it is for you to find their pressure points and strike them. There are eleven critical strikes to know which involve pressure points and many have followup blows to vital areas of the body which will render the assailant disabled.  These vital areas include the solar plexus, floating ribs, testicles, knee caps, shins, and instep.

Remember, these self-defense strikes should never be used to work out personal anger issues and it is not the use of excessive or unnecessary force.  These strikes should be used for defense only and any other usage could be constituted as illegal and punishable by law.

PUNCH TO SOLAR PLEXUS:  This move involves the person putting his full weight and strength into punching the aggressor in the solar plexus (abdominal area just below the diaphragm), which can be followed effectively with a knee to the groin.

THUMB STRIKE TO THROAT: If your assailant rushes you, hold your right arm and thumb out to strike the opponent's neck/throat region. Keep your left hand high to protect yourself. This blow can be followed by striking a vital area.

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