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Saturday April 29th 2017



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I grew up with Andre the Giant and the Hart boys. My father rang the bell announcing the rounds for years. I remember watching the matches, and later on, hearing the stories as I sat with my father while we went through the piles of pictures that he collected over the years.


As I got older, I got out of watching the WWF, and later on, when I did happen to run into a match on the old boob tube, the whole thing seemed staged. I mean, really, did Ed McMan really have to be such a loud mouthed pinhead?


And the fights are staged. Oh, I always knew that the fights were staged, even in my fathersí time, but it didnít seem so obvious. Perhaps I was just more innocent in the ways of the world back then. The magic of the fights tend to fade as you watch the same regurgitated, pulled out of the attic, dusted off and re-do type of plans. Only now, the fighters are stranger and most definitely, louder and more obnoxious.


You donít have to listen to the endless droning of a loud mouthed asshole trying to out yell the next muscle bound loud mouthed asshole. You donít see two (and sometimes more) buff, oiled, painted, ďfightersĒ doing their best to pick a fight with another. And if a chair is broken over the back of the adversary in the ring, you donít see the crowd going wild. I remember laughing out loud one day while listening to the man in the ring tried to get his opponents goat. I mean really. What grade do the organizers, the sponsors, the managers, or even the fighters think their listening audience is? North American television audiences have sunk to the level of watching staged fights, reality shows and the latest news of who killed who in what part of the world. Obviously we have nothing better to do in our lives.


For the die-hards of wrestling, and there are quite a few out there - whatever happens in the ring is sacred. There are people in this world that live and die by this sport, including a fair number of the wrestlers themselves. They pump themselves up full of steroids and such to make sure they can stay at the top of their game, they donít even remember what it was like to purely love the sport for the sport. They are so caught up in the drama inside and outside the ring, that they donít remember what it was like to be a kid sitting on the edge of his seat watching as his favorite wrestler wins.

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