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Saturday April 29th 2017

A Cut Above: Ten Tips for the Perfect Shave

A Cut Above: Ten Tips for the Perfect Shave

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9. Wet is Best: Avoid Dry-Shaving

Certain antiquated schools of thought dictate that a dry-shave is the best way to achieve that smooth, grafted shave, however, there is little evidence to support this supposition. Even those who swear by their state-of-the-art electric shavers should consider using some kind of lubricant or foam before attacking those stubborn bristles. Utilizing foam softens the surface of your skin and creates a crucial buffer zone between your skin cells and the sharpness of the blade. Taking a blade to dry, unlubricated skin is a reckless strategy liable to lead to skin rashes and overall discomfort.

10. Fuzzy Logic: The Shaving Brush

Old-fashioned shaving brushes shouldn't be considered the preserve of stuffy, middle-aged men who tend to their stubble in a smoking jacket and cravat. Switching from the more prevalent hand held razors to the more traditional, wooden brushes - often used in antiquated barbershops - could yield significant benefits to your shaving routine. Whilst applying foam to your face, the brush also exfoliates your skin and stimulates the hair follicles on your face whilst retaining more moisture on your face than a standard shaving apparatus. It can also significantly reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs and general skin discomfort.

So there you have it. Even the daunting task of taking cold steel to your drowsy face early in the morning needn't mean the discomfort expected. By following these core guidelines, your daily torment can swiftly be transformed into a hassle-free and even pleasant break from your morning blues. Happy shaving.




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