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Saturday April 29th 2017

Product: Casio EDIFICE Black Label Collection

Product: Casio EDIFICE Black Label Collection

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The EDIFICE Black Label Collection from Casio is Casio's new brand of men's timepieces designed with a racecar motif to showcase speed, style, luxury, power and efficiency. Its functional 3D dial design exudes speed and intelligence. A unified, black IP solid stainless steel case & band are brought together by a line connecting the bezel, band and face. The dial utilizes aluminum double-disk hands, precisely weighted for assured balance and the installation of upper & lower dial plates adds depth to this dynamic timepiece. This chronograph is capable of analog measurement to 1/1000th second via high-speed LSI processing a process that also allows for the utilization of 5 independent motors to drive all of the watch functions.

The EDIFICE Black Label Collection is comprised of six sleek styles ranging in price from $150 to $500 (the EQWM1100DC-1A2 pictured above: $500MSRP) and each timepiece is made with either a resin or stainless stain band, hold a tough mineral glass crystal, are 100-meters water-resistant and come with a Second Stopwatch. The timepieces also possess such features as double disk hands, multi-layered dials, world time (in 29 cities), daily alarms, and solar power. EDIFICE's tough solar tech convert even the weakest fluorescent lighting into electric power.

These versatile watches encompass modern, timeless luxury and the return of the wristwatch for uptown deal makers and downtown style cravers.




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