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Saturday April 29th 2017

Product Spotlight: Cushe Boutique Sneakers

Product Spotlight: Cushe Boutique Sneakers

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Finally a shoe that somebody has really thought through. The Cushe Boutique Sneak Leather  luxury  shoe, part of the urban safari lineup,  offers  men comfort and style through innovation and design.  Perfect for the modern man and very comfortable these shoes are literally a perfect fit, as the  Boutique Sneak is both designed to and consists of materials that conform to your foot's natural shape - ensuring maximum comfort, protection and stability.   A ventilation micro fiber lining makes the shoe feel extremely breathable Ė and it really is noticeable.  The outsole of the shoe is stitched upwards to the sole construction with a rubber outsole featuring the unique Cushe story sole grip. This grip provides superb tread for your everyday living, whether walking the dog or out at the mall. Their premium leather and suede shell also features a canvas counter,  however, the most ingenious part of the shoe is the Hem Holster, which prevents the hem on your pants from contacting the ground.  Rest assured that your pants will now maintain their original condition.

Extremely affordable at only $100, these shoes are cost effective too. They can be purchased online at www.cushe.com or at a local retailer and are available in many different colors and styles.  Be sure to grab a pair of these shoes, or check out some of the other luxury Cushe lineups.




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