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Saturday April 29th 2017

The Scarf: Your Secret Weapon for Fall

The Scarf: Your Secret Weapon for Fall

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When it’s time to update your wardrobe for a new season, you’re not alone if you find yourself at a loss for where to start. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and overlook the finer details of accessorizing when considering the necessary additions to ones wardrobe. In fact, one of the most cost-effective and ultimately painless ways to update your look for the upcoming Fall/Winter season is with the perfect scarf. A new scarf can not only update and complete a look, but by paying close attention to the details and accessorizing accordingly, it one of the easiest, “quick-fix” solutions I can think of for putting together a look that appears new, polished, and complete. Here are five great scarf suggestions for the new season.

The Perfect Gentleman // Burberry Plaid Scarf

Sophisticated and classic, the traditional Burberry plaid scarf now comes in pretty much every color under the sun. Go for a dark charcoal cashmere scarf to keep it simple and elegant, or go big and bold with more vibrant pops of color. Either way, a Burberry scarf is the go-to Fall/Winter accessory for the sophisticated gentleman adding a subtle touch of finery to any ensemble (whether you’re playing a Gatsby or not).

Dressed To Kill // Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf

For those more daring and fashion-forward, perhaps the sheer skull print scarves by Alexander McQueen might be more up your alley. Lightweight and versatile, and now available in a wide array of color waves, the McQueen scarf has become a staple of fashion aficionado’s everywhere. While a pricey option, rocking skulls is pretty bad-ass! Not to mention the compliments and adoration that this coveted scarf will garner for you make it a worth-while investment.

The Bigger The Better // H&M Chunky Knit Scarf

For those on a budget, H&M is an affordable yet stylish option to add on to your wardrobe for the new season. Go for a chunky, heavy scarf (the bigger the better, really) and stay toasty and trendy as you layer it under a trench or leather jacket.

Prince of Prints // Urban Outfitters Navajo-Inspired Print Scarf

Another option for those who want to blaze a new trail is to go all-out with an interesting print or design, like the Navajo-inspired print scarf from Urban Outfitters. This is definitely an affordable statement piece. A good rule of thumb to remember is if you want to go crazy with the scarf, to tone it down by pairing it with neutrals and earthy tones, in order to create an effortlessly cool and confident look.

Arctic Avenger // Helly Hansen Warm Ski Buff

For those who dwell in an unforgiving climate, battle the elements with a solid ski buff from Helly Hansen. Sure to keep out the cold, this piece truly brings together function and form, showing that even on the most frigid winter day; you can dress for the weather without looking like the Stay-Puffed Marshmallow Man. This is a good option for getting to and from the car or commuting to work during the unforgiving winter months as it is compact enough to quickly stow away in a pocket when inside.

The perfect scarf can be the finishing touch to pulling your desired look together, and the shopping process should be relatively painless as one size fits all. Make sure to take some time when selecting the scarf to consider how you can pair it with existing pieces in your wardrobe. Also, be sure to ask a sales associate for some alternatives in ways to tie or wear it – you’ll probably be surprised at how versatile a simple scarf can really be, or at the very least, you won’t feel unsure of yourself when walking out of the house for the first time with your brand new scarf tied in a clumsy mess of a knot. Whichever direction you choose to take your scarf adventures this fall, do yourself a favour and spend some time considering the details.




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