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Saturday April 29th 2017

How to Properly Care for Your Suit

How to Properly Care for Your Suit

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As the most important formalwear and business attire in any man's closet, your suit needs to be properly taken care of. A suit that's been properly cared for can live for generations, making proper care both stylish and economical. The rules for proper suit care are simple and easy; follow them to extend the life of your suit.


One of the easiest ways to avoid a trip to the dry cleaner's is through prevention. Use a gentle and very soft-bristled brush to brush any loose dirt or lint off your suit in order to prevent the particles from embedding themselves deeply within the fabric. Doing this on a regular basis before wearing your suit will keep it looking crisp and new. Don't be afraid to lay a napkin across your lap to prevent stains at meals.

Avoid stress and strain

One of the most common ways a suit loses its shape is through overstuffed pockets. Your suit should already fit quite snug but overstuffing your pockets will make it feel tight, which not only looks bad, but also places extra stress on the seams of the suit, wearing your suit out much quicker. You should also get into the habit of unbuttoning your jacket buttons and pulling your pants up from the thigh area when sitting down to avoid extra strain on the fabric.

Let it breathe

You should never wear the same suit two days in a row. Your suit, like your shoes and ties, needs at least a day or two to rest, breathe, dry and release wrinkles before it is ready for you to wear it again. It's a good idea to have a minimum of at least three different suits in your wardrobe and if you wear suits on a regular basis, then you should invest in even more. Switching up suits will help them each last longer, look better and smell fresher.

Hanger protocol

It's a good idea to hang your suit hanger outside your closet when you wear your suit; that way when you remove the suit after coming home, you will be reminded to properly put it back. Before putting your suit away on its hanger, leave it out for a few minutes. This will allow any moisture that has collected in the fabric to evaporate, resulting in longevity of the fabric and shape. It's incredibly important to make sure your suit is hung properly on a good quality form fitting wooden suit hanger. The reason why wooden hangers are highly preferred over metal wire and plastic ones is because they have a shape made to mimic human shoulders which helps your suit retain its original shape. Many of these hangers will also have an additional bar for your pants, some with clips and others with anti-slipping grips, so that all pieces stay together. Remove objects from the all pockets of the trousers, vest and jacket so that the fabric won't be weighed down; this will keep your suit in shape. Many high quality and designer suits will come with a suit bag which the suit can be placed into to avoid soil, dust and other particles from collecting. If you don't already have a suit bag, they are relatively inexpensive to purchase at most major clothing retail outlets.


Moths are a death sentence to your suit. Although mothballs can be used as a prevention method, they work best in a sealed environment and the smell is very unpleasant. Better options that don't leave unpleasant odours include keeping dried lavender leaves in your pockets or using Cedar wood in your closet. A Cedar wood hanger for your suit is another great idea because it both absorbs moisture and helps keep moths away.

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