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Saturday April 29th 2017

8 Luxury Watches For 2012

8 Luxury Watches For 2012

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There are an excellent array of luxury watches to choose from on the marketplace and any aficionado of high-end timepieces will want to know what to watch for over the remainder of the year. Menís watches are an indulgence that many find impossible to ignore and when you consider the stunning designs and incredible precision of some of the watches out there, it isnít difficult to see why this is the caseÖ

But there are 8 specific brands that rule the roost of men's luxury this year:

BRM Watches

Not the most well-known of luxury watch brands but one that is set to make a big impression in 2012 with their array of eye-catching watches. One of the few French watchmakers, BRM watches are famed for their incredible mechanical sophistication and the intricacy of their designs such as the Bi-Rotor watch (pictured above).

Baume & Mercier Watches

Swiss watchmaking at its finest, Baume and Mercier watches have been crafted since 1834 and this is something which is reflected in the quality of their designs and the level of respect that their timepieces command in the world of watch making. Some of the most popular Baume & Mercier collections include the Capeland, Classima and the Hampton Classic (pictured above).

Chronoswiss Watches

Despite the name, Chronoswiss watches are actually a German based watchmaker but there is no denying that Chronoswiss watches boast all of the style, precision and elegance of their Swiss counterparts. A relative newcomer to the market having only being formed
in 1981, this luxury watch brand has wasted no time in establishing themselves as a must have and they are set to fly off the shelves in 2012 Ė check out one of the more striking Chronoswiss watches (pictured above).

Girard-Perregaux Watches

A highly respected Swiss watchmakers who are pretty unique in the sense that they manufacture their own cases, dials and movements. You really are getting a top luxury watch if you opt for a Girard-Perregaux. Their highly unique designs sets them significantly apart from the crowd and you wonít find many watches that can match this fantastic brand so far as innovation and uniqueness is concerned. A great example are watches from their Richeville collection (pictured above).

IWC Watches

Heralding from Schaffhausen in North East Switzerland, IWC watches are one in a million so far as luxury timepieces are concerned. IWC have a number of much vaunted collections but they are perhaps most famed for their diver watches which expertly straddle the line being luxury and diving functionality. IWC watches are available in a whole host of different styles and, as the saying goes, they are reassuringly expensive, such as the £26,000 Portuguese watch (pictured above) Ė so you may have to start saving if you hope to get your hands on one of these.

Jaeger LeCoultre Watches

Another mainstay of the luxury Swiss watch industry, Jaeger LeCoultre watches were founded in 1833 and have over 200 patents to their name which is testimony to their innovative nature of this immensely stylish luxury watch brand. There are many phenomenal collections which fall under the Jaeger LeCoultre umbrella including the Atmos, Revero and one that is expected to be particularly big in 2012, the Reverso collection (pictured above).

Panerai Watches

You really are getting the best of both worlds when you opt for Panerai watches Ė as they are designed in Italy and crafted in Switzerland. The buzzwords which are synonymous with Panerai are creativity, innovation and individuality and this is truly reflected in all the collections and timepieces that they bring to the market. Certainly not cheap by any stretch of the imagination but Panerai watches provide that touch of class that fans of luxury watches will be looking for in 2012 Ė (Radiomir collection pictured above).

Tag Heuer Watches

We end our glossary of luxury watches to look out for in 2012 with a mainstay of the luxury watch industry, Tag Heuer. There is absolutely no denying the considerable quality and impressive reputation associated with these Swiss made timepieces and with over 150 years of crafting sought after and stylish mens watches, it goes without saying that things will be no different in 2012. Whether itís the sporty Formula 1 collection or the more understated and stylish Monaco collection (pictured above)., youíll find something that matches your own personal tastes with Tag Heuer watches.

This, of course, hasnít mentioned all the fantastic luxury mens watches on the market but there are far too many to include here Ė so, an honourable mention has to go out to the likes of Zenith, Breitling and Chanel watches.




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