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Tuesday February 28th 2017

6 Style Misdemeanors for Menswear

6 Style Misdemeanors for Menswear

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Shopping for men's formal attire can be overwhelming for some of us. We are constantly bombarded by colors, patterns and shades of color, all of which look might look the same to us. Why is it called crimson red instead of just red or tattersall pattern instead of just checkered? These might sound trivial but they are becoming increasingly important to know as society becomes more fashion forward. Here are 6 of the prevalent style misdemeanors out there that you might be guilty of (and how to fix them).

1) Clowning

With the numerous amounts of colors and designs out there, we men sometimes get baffled and pick mismatched colors and patterns to pull an outfit together. Unless you are attending a clown convention, avoid the mismatch pattern and color overdose. Things to remember: Never do pattern on pattern; there is just too much happening. Instead, if you decide to go with a pinstripe dress shirt, match it with a solid bold colored tie and vice versa. When it comes to colors, similar hues usually go better together; always go a few shades darker for your tie or add a splash of bold color. Do not be afraid to experiment; you want to be unique yet fashion accelerated.

2) Sneakers with Suits

One style mistake that men continue to make, even in today's fashion forward society, despite its obvious
faux pas, is pairing running shoes with a business suit. This is one style adversity that seemingly cuts across most age groups. Running shoes should only be worn in the gym; anywhere else is a serious fashion felony and a colossal turn off for the ladies. Instead, try a more contemporary look with a pair of casual dress shoes. If you're really looking to express yourself, wear your suit with a finely constructed pair of loafers to complete the look.

3) Over-Stuffing

Trench coats stuffed with gadgets while still looking stylish and fitted on the outside is a feat only accomplished on the animation desk. Avoid the style blunder of an oversized coat filled with rubbish in your pockets. Keep only what you really need in your pockets, leave the rest at home. The old saying "less is more" applies to this serious fashion slip-up. If you must carry it on you, find coats that have interior pockets to minimize the look of bulk on the outside. Furthermore, don't purchase coats that have pockets you could get lost in. The shallower your pockets are, the less chance you have of stuffing them.

4) Appropriate Outerwear

Finding the right coat can be a challenge for some of us. Far too many men pick the wrong outwear for the occasion, season, weather or outfit. When in doubt, keep it simple. Stay away from coats that surplus on buttons, flaps and belt buckles. Your coat should be fitted to give you a tapered look or you may come across as sloppy. Remember, a long coat should rest just above the knees. Neutral colors and shades of grey and black are safe and best worn in the winter. Summer is a little more open with a wider opportunity to unleash your inner color pallet. If you are going to accessorize with a stylish scarf; heavy knits in the winter and light jersey or satin fabrics in the summer.

5) Wrinkles

You are wearing your best suit, your lucky tie; your hair is combed and you feel super fresh, except you forgot to iron your clothes. Your entire ensemble just went from a yes to fashion no-no. Having a wrinkle-free outfit is key when dressing to impress. Whether you are going for a job interview or a date, a well ironed, flawless outfit reveals a lot about the type of man you are. If you're good at ironing, run an iron over your clothes to get rid of those stubborn wrinkles and to create those sharp creases. Ironing may take a little more effort but the result is much better. If ironing is not your thing, try a steam press for a fast and convenient way of getting rid of those pesky wrinkles; it is not as sharp a look as a well ironed garment but it gets it close. If neither of these work for you, introduce your garments to the cleaners, it may not be cost efficient, but it is well worth it for a superb job. And remember to always hang your clothes if you plan on wearing them again to avoid producing wrinkles.

6) Improper Fit

When choosing a suit certain things must be taken into consideration: Among the many, the most essential would be how you suit fits on your body type. If it feels like you are wearing a parachute, then your suit is too big. On the other hand, if the suit is struggling to stay together, then the suit is too small. Unfitted suits are distasteful, look cheap and appear sloppy. You want to get your money's worth when purchasing a quality made suit and the fit says a lot! Always get measured before purchasing a suit. Consider investing in a custom-made suit, not only does it save you the embarrassment of a fashion blunder but it also gives you the satisfaction of having something unique, tailored and to your fancy.




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