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Saturday April 29th 2017

10 Absolute Essentials for a Man's Wardrobe

10 Absolute Essentials for a Man's Wardrobe

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Fashion trends are constantly changing but despite this there remain some key pieces that form the essential building blocks for a wardrobe. Even though every man has different tastes and styles, these ten pieces are the guidelines to building the foundation for any man's closet.

1.    Dark tailored suit

The first color that probably comes to your mind is black. Black is a safe bet; it's classy and it goes well with anything. But other great choices include dark grey, navy and brown which have all seen tremendous growth in popularity. A good quality and well fitted suit shouldn't hang off your body; rather it should hug at the shoulders, waist and legs. The best way to ensure a great fit is to have it custom tailored. A tailored suit is worth investing into because, aside from looking great, a proper fitting suit will not wear out as quickly and will last you many seasons.

2.    Fitted, white, button-down dress shirt

Having this in your wardrobe will never fail you. A clean-cut white dress shirt is extremely versatile and will never go out of style. It can be dressed up with a suit or made more casual with a pair of denim. Investing in a quality dress shirt is important as it will last you longer. To check the quality, look at the ply count on the shirt label; two-ply is stronger and softer than one-ply. A good quality shirt will also have one line of stitching running down the side of the shirt where the seam is located; most shirts have 2 lines of stitching. When looking for a white dress shirt, avoid collars that button up in order to look more casual. Finding a shirt made from wrinkle-free cotton will also save you time and effort.

3.    Neck ties

Ties are a very powerful piece in a man's wardrobe. You can never go wrong with dark, solid color because they are versatile year round. For the more fashion forward man, investing into power ties with bold colors, patterns and textures can give your wardrobe a flashy yet subtle edge.

4.    A leather jacket

A leather jacket is a statement piece.  Adding a leather jacket is smart choice because the leather can be styled in so many different ways. Whether you opt for a cyclist, bomber or classic straight jacket, leather is an iconic staple of cool for any man's wardrobe.

5.    Well fitted jeans

The fit is probably the most crucial factor when buying jeans. Many men make the mistake of choosing the wrong cut for their body type, so choose cautiously. Jeans comes in many varieties, cuts, colors and styles but not all denim is acceptable for all seasons and occasions. However, having a pair of well fitted, dark, solid color denim jeans will prove more versatile than lighter denim because it can often be made dressy or casual. Choose your denim according to your budget and lifestyle.

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