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Saturday April 29th 2017

Essential Accessories

Essential Accessories

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When it comes to accessories some men are quick to avoid the subject altogether and others are completely clueless. To these guys, adding a few accessories to their outfit is terribly cumbersome or an enigma in itself. However, itís incredibly easy to polish off your look with the right accessories and doing so immediately makes your look appear more thought out and stylish. Looking 'well put together' is especially helpful when commanding board meetings, interviews and, of course, dates.

Wearing the right accessories will not only make you stand out and show people that you know a thing or two about fashion but, according to the 'Peacock' hypothesis, will make you more attractive to women (when done right). In a survey involving neutral looking men, 73% of women polled judged the male with 'well thought out' accessories as being more attractive. Just remember to not over-do it. Looking cluttered will work against you. Wearing a flashy watch,  flashy cufflinks and the latest must-have sunglasses all teamed-up together with the most expensive suit you own will get you noticed- but not always for the right reasons. Remember that sometimes less is more. Do wear all of those things Ė just not all at the same time.

We have prepared a list of accessories that will get you noticed for the right reasons and  will definitely make you stand out this season.

Hats are back


Whatever mood you are in; there is a hat to suit that mood. Hats can make or break an outfit so  itís important to wear the right hat for your outfit. The classic black trilby has been a popular favourite with celebrities and most retail stores have made their own versions at affordable prices. Itís a hat that can make you look sophisticated and hip when worn with the right outfit.

A cheap trilby hat starts from £20 onwards but, if you really want to look your best,  you should consider the classic straw hat by Boss Black. This trilby oozes style and sophistication and starts at only £99, but itís not for everyone.

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