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Saturday April 29th 2017

Men's Guide To Scarves

Men's Guide To Scarves

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Men don't have many accessories to play with but scarves can add an instant interest and some color to your outfit. Scarves are stylish accessories for cosmopolitan men; adding one to an outfit can immediately add some class and flair. Scarves are also one of the easiest accessories for men who are nervous about adding to their outfit - they are also a great way to accent your looks and style.


There are hundreds of different kinds of scarves around which will provide you plenty of opportunity to try different styles. Be bold, there is no reason not to. If you keep buying the same type of scarf you're always going to look the same so you need to educate yourself on the different types and styles of scarves. Common stylish scarves come in a variety of long, short, wool, cotton, thick, tasseled, thin, satin, square, and triangular pieces.  Build yourself a solid collection of scarves and remember to wear them accordingly. When polled, woman voted the scarf as one of the sexiest accessories on a man - do you really need to hear more?


Use the scarf the same way you'd use your designer tie. It's a friend, not a foe, and quite a useful one when used right. You can't go wrong if you choose to stay warm with one of these cool scarves and remember to use an appropriate knot - style isn't just what you wear; it's also how you wear it.


Chunky Is Funky


Bundle up with style in a simple but innovative way. A chunky, long-knit scarf wrapped around your neck (one end of the scarf over one shoulder and the other end hanging in front), looks great for those cold winter dates when your girlfriend begs you to take her ice-skating. Thick scarves create highly stylish silhouettes no matter what they're worn over. Never understated, these scarves make a statement without requiring a lot of time. This style is fantastic for a man who is style conscious and wants an easy way to add an inventive twist to everything from jeans to a suit. ($150.00, Dior Homme)


Plaid Isn't Bad


This scarf is a classic; it has the signature plaid pattern and is great choice for the traditional man who wants a style-savvy scarf to wear to and from the office. This scarf looks best with a 'no-knot loose drape' - drape it over the shoulders on the outside of the jacket and avoid tucking the scarf into the jacket. There are a number of different styles of plaid on the market so you should have no trouble finding the right one to match your look. Just be sure to keep the rest of your outfit simple; patterns and plaids can be overwhelming. ($300.00 Burberry)


Look Bright With An Asymmetrical Twist


Try to add some color into your life. The traditional 'through-the-loop' style looks great with a colorful scarf. Fold your scarf lengthwise, drape it around your neck and insert the loose end through the loop. Bam! You've got yourself a Parisian Knot. Twist this knot to the side and become the fun, out-going, weekend-guy. Extra points if it's a quirky color, but keep the rest of your outfit in mind; it's easy to overdo it.  This is an easy and stylish way to add colors to outfits without being over the top. It's the perfect look for an early brunch with a few friends. ($14.99 Urban Outfitters)


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