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Saturday April 29th 2017

Top 5 Watches Under 3 Grand

Top 5 Watches Under 3 Grand

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Every man needs to eventually purchase a nice watch. Purchasing a classy watch is no small undertaking and requires a keen eye and a sophisticated sense of style; there is far too much overpriced junk out there and way too many knockoffs. I have spent over ten years in the watch and jewelry industry and I am going to show you five classic, stylishly-unbeatable watches for under $3000. If you stick with one of these you can’t go wrong. 


Movado Classic Museum


The first up is the Movado Classic Museum. Movado is a Swiss company which has been around since 1881 and has won over 200 international awards for innovative watch design and technological advancements in time keeping. Movado’s Classic Museum design boasts the latest in Movado’s technological achievements in the keeping time. As one would expect, the face is an almost-impossible-to-scratch sapphire crystal, while the case is a beautifully appointed stainless steel with an immaculate gold plated finish. And the bracelet? - The bracelet is actually lizard skin. This watch is a great bet when it comes down to the raw numbers, usually being priced just under $1000.



Tag Heuer Carrera

A step up from the Movado in terms of price and sophistication is the Carrera, by Tag Heuer. Named after the epic formula-one race, the original Carrera wrist watch has been around since 1963. This timeless classic from Tag Heuer utilizes automatic movement, boasts a sapphire crystal, and even has a skeleton back so one may see the precision of the automatic movement first-hand, so to speak. The price tag on one of these Tag watches usually runs anywhere between $2100 and $2300. Do not let the price scare you away! These watches are built to last and will likely never go out of style. You could buy yourself a timeless classic, like the Carrera, and may never have to buy yourself another watch again.



Gucci 5505


It is almost inevitable, compiling a list like this that the brand Gucci appears; in particular, Gucci’s elegant 5505. Along with its Swiss counterparts, the 5505 has the standard high-end sapphire crystal and Swiss Movement. In addition, all stainless steel casing is magnificently appointed with roman numerals. And the name “Gucci” always brings about a certain elegance.

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