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Saturday April 29th 2017

007 Style

007 Style

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James Bond has the car, the girls, the cool gadgets, a license to kill and on top of all that an impeccable sense of style. To celebrate the upcoming release of the new Bond movie Quantum of Solace, we are going to divulge some of 007's style secrets. You may not have the guns or the car but at least you will have the look to leave the girls 'shaken' not stirred.



First Up, the Suit.


Brioni suits have become legendary, as they are the official suit of bond himself since their first 1995 appearance in the 007 film Goldeneye. Brioni suits are the peak of Italian tailoring and they have a price tag to match; averaging $6000 for an off-the-rack jacket. Wide in the shoulders and a narrow in the waist, they are sported by the elite, including Donald Trump. Would Bond wear anything less? And to top off any Brioni suit, a Brioni tie is a must have to complement this deadly look. We recommend a black or charcoal gray suit with a maroon offset tie, but almost any Brioni tie will do for the Bond look. Just avoid ties that are too bright or busy, 007 needs to maintain a classy look suitable for business or an evening out.



Shirt and Bow Tie


We are all be very thankful to Turnbull and Asser for this little piece of Bond style. Turnull and Asser made the actual dress shirt and bow tie for the 007 movie Casino Royale and have released the limited collection Shirt and Bow Tie combination that was featured in the movie. This deadly piece of luxury and style will set you back a cool $500, but it is easily worth it to wear this piece of cinematic history. The shirt is a two fold, white-on-white cotton with mitred double cuffs and a concealed front placket. The collar was designed specially by Turnbull and Asser and is complemented by the mother of pearl buttons. The bow tie is made from Shantung silk and will easily accent any gentleman or secret agent's wardrobe.





John Lobb Bootmaker shoes are the shoes of choice. Although there is much speculation as to which style is preferred by the man himself, you really can't go wrong with any of these prestigious shoes. Common belief is that 007 wore the Luffield style in Casino Royale, however we recommend a pair of John Lobb Hastings. These are sure to bring you to your best and create an air of sophistication. A pair of John Lobb's can easily cost well up to $1000, but the quality, fit and appeal are well worth the price.

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