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Tuesday February 28th 2017

Summer Guide to Suit Fabrics

Summerís finally here, and your standard black suit just isnít going to cut it in the hot weather. Here are some great fabric options to keep you cool while looking your sharpest. Read more >>

The Ultimate Guide to Custom Tailored Suits

A good custom-tailored suit is an investment and should be approached as such. Knowing the do's and don'ts beforehand can save you time and money when you're at the tailors. Read more >>

6 Style Misdemeanors for Menswear

Shopping for men's formal attire can be overwhelming for some of us. Here are 6 of the prevalent style misdemeanors out there that you might be guilty of (and how to fix them). Read more >>

8 Luxury Watches For 2012

There are an excellent array of luxury watches to choose from on the marketplace and any aficionado of high-end timepieces will want to know which brands rule the roost of men's luxury this year. Read more >>

10 Dreadful Style Blunders To Avoid

Although there are an increasing number of fashionable-forward guys in today's modern style-conscious world there are still plenty of style atrocities committed by millions of men daily. Here are 10 easy tips to navigate you away from potential blunders. Read more >>

The Scarf: Your Secret Weapon for Fall

When itís time to update your wardrobe for a new season, youíre not alone if you find yourself at a loss for where to start. One of the most cost-effective and ultimately painless ways to update your look for the upcoming Fall/Winter season is with the perfect scarf. Read more >>

10 Absolute Essentials for a Man's Wardrobe

There are some key pieces that form the essential building blocks for a wardrobe. Even though every man has different tastes and styles, these ten pieces are the guidelines to building the foundation for any man's closet. Read more >>

How to Properly Care for Your Suit

As the most important formalwear and business attire in any man's closet, your suit needs to be properly taken care of. A suit that's been properly cared for can survive generations, making proper care both stylish and economical. Read more >>

5 Easy Ways to Better Your Appearance

Your appearance greatly impacts how people rate you on factors from how influential you are to how attractive you look. Here are five easy ways to help you elevate your appearance Read more >>

How to Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans

Jeans, since they're origin over a century ago, have become a staple in every man's wardrobe due to their versatility and vast selection. Finding the perfect pair to match your needs and body requires time and patience. Read more >>

How to Properly Clean a Rolex

A luxury timepiece, such as a Rolex, requires proper care and cleaning. The cleaning process is easy enough and should be done regularly as regular cleaning will also help you spot maintenance issues. With the proper care, your watch will keep ticking for a long time. Read more >>

Guide to Classic Straight Shaving

The old-world, masculine charm of the straight razor shave is undeniable, but still, straight razor shaving remains an art. However, this little practicum will provide you the basics so you can enjoy the pleasures of the gentlemanly shave. Read more >>

Product: Casio EDIFICE Black Label Collecti...

The EDIFICE Black Label Collection from Casio is Casio's new brand of men's timepieces designed with a racecar motif to showcase speed, style, luxury, power and efficiency. Read more >>

Product Spotlight: Blank Label

Custom tailored shirts, designed by you, at affordable prices. You start with a basic men's shirt and you end up with a product that you created, tailored to your taste -- your shirt, made by you, just for you and in true modern fashion. Read more >>

Style Guy Style Guide

Our very own style guy has put together some looks to keep you in trend this season. These looks are a great addition to any wardrobe. Just remember, no look is a success without confidence. Keep confident, stay stylish and feel great. Read more >>

Product Spotlight: Nobis Skinny Tie

Staying trendy is easy with a Nobis skinny tie. These ties offer an edgy look to any outfit. While the skinny tie has been back in style for a few years, nobis has tweaked the ordinary design and added textures and patterns to this kick-back accessory. Read more >>

A Cut Above: Ten Tips for the Perfect Shave...

Although shaving seems intuitively simple, there are various tried and trusted techniques which can improve the quality of your shave and ensure you avoid dermatological catastrophes such as skin rashes or sliced cheeks. Read more >>

Product Spotlight: Cushe Boutique Sneakers

Finally a shoe that somebody has really thought through. The Cushe Boutique Sneak Leather luxury shoe, part of the urban safari lineup, offers comfort and style through innovation and design. Read more >>

Choosing Your Underwear

A lot of men simply buy a brand of underwear and stick to it, because they don't know about their other options. We are here to help you make a better decision when it comes to your underwear. Read more >>

Essential Accessories

Itís incredibly easy to polish off your look with the right accessories and doing so immediately makes your look appear more thought out and stylish. Looking 'well put together' is especially helpful when commanding board meetings, interviews and, of course, dates. Read more >>

Men's Guide To Scarves

Scarves are also one of the easiest accessories to add on. Adding one to an outfit can immediately add some class and flair- they are also a great way to accent your looks and style. Read more >>

Summer Fashion Rules

Every summer we see a surprisingly high percentage of men who do not seem to know what to wear or when to wear it.


Top 5 Watches Under 3 Grand

Purchasing a classy watch is no small undertaking and requires a keen eye and a sophisticated sense of style. We are going to show you some of the best for under $3000. Read more >>

007 Style

James Bond has the car, the girls, the cool gadgets, a license to kill and on top of all that an impeccable sense of style. We are going to divulge some of 007's style secrets. Read more >>

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