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Friday April 28th 2017

Interview: Nicholas D'Agosto

Interview: Nicholas D'Agosto

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In Final Destination 5, Nicholas D'Agosto ("Fired Up!," TV's "Heroes") plays Sam Lawton, a man who has a premonition that saves a group of his coworkers from a terrifying suspension bridge collapse. But this group of was never supposed to survive, and in a terrifying race against time, the ill-fated group frantically tries to discover a way to escape Death's sinister agenda before Death finds a way to finish the job. We spoke to Nicholas D'Agosto about the movie, his character and keeping things fresh on the franchise's fifth film.

Final Destination 5 is being released soon, how excited are you for that to finally hit theatres?

I'm extremely excited. Actually, what's fun about it is that we just got to see it. Warner Brothers brought the cast in, the directors and producers and stuff, to an early screening of it so we can talk about it. So we could understand what the movie was because for the longest time, we had not gotten to see much more than what the fans had seen at Comic Con -- which was ten minutes of the opening bridge sequence. I think all of us walked out feeling really thrilled. I think it's a lot more epic. It has a much bigger scope than we could ever have anticipated and I think it has some kind of action movie element to it that we weren't expecting to play that way.

It was, in some ways, one of those moments of relief where the cast all looks at each other and goes "Oh, good. Oh, nice. Well, this one turned out well." Because we've all been a part of movies that didn't turn out well. But at the same time too, we all looked at each other and said "wow, this is something that I can't wait for people to see." It's also nice the way Warner Brothers has put money behind it just to advertise it.

Yeah, even just walking around, I've seen posters everywhere. So there's been a high publicity push.

Yeah; it's been very, very good and I think it's only going to grow this week and that's exciting.

So up until that point at Comic Con, when they showed the first ten minutes of footage, that was really all that you had seen?

I had seen the entirety of the bridge sequence, so not much more. Because, the concept of 'Final Destination' is the character sees a premonition. So everything in that first bridge sequence is my character's premonition and then I come out of it and then there's another sort of five or ten minutes after that. Well, maybe not that long... maybe just another five minutes or so.

When you guys are escaping from the accident.

Exactly. There were a few other things I had seen and there was stuff that I had seen when we were shooting that were just dailies or takes; but by far, the lion's share of the film I hadn't seen. So when we all got to sit down and watch it last week, it was a real thrill.

Final Destination has a rather long history with the original one starting back in 2000. What drew you to the franchise to take part in the fifth sequel?

I think, for me it was... I think we all were a little hesitant, to be honest with you. Because everyone knows - that's either a fan of the franchise or saw this one - that 'The Final Destination,' that was marketed to be the last one and was the fourth one, wasn't good. It wasn't very good and all the producers, everyone will tell you that and they'll admit it. There were a number of reasons for that. There was the writer's strike and there was this lack of inspiration. They all sort of mentioned that they weren't as passionate about it.

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