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Tuesday February 28th 2017

Interview: Bradley Cooper

Interview: Bradley Cooper

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Since the first Hangover movie, Bradley Cooper has become a major Hollywood celebrity with big lead roles in big movies, including the recent and highly successful film, Limitless. Well now the Rat Pack (Cooper, Helms, Galifianakis) is back and the Hanover Part 2 promises to be bigger and more outrageous than Part 1. We caught up with Bradley to talk about the encore.

The first Hangover was a great success but it was also done for relatively little pay. Could any of you guys have predicted what was coming?

That was a lot of money for us. Are you kidding? That was like; we were over the moon about it. We were just happy to have a job.

Since you got the lead for Hangover 1 it seems everything has just exploded for you.

It doesn't feel that way. Thank you for saying that. Not the case, I gotta say, but it certainly provided more opportunities. Everybody who was a part of that movie, because it was so financially lucrative, benefited from it but I still put myself on tape for movies and try to get roles. It's the same, you know? It's the same. I mean, look, more doors have been opened for sure but it's not like I sit back with a cigar on Monday morning and go through the scripts that have been offered - no, that's not the case.

Tell us about Bangkok.

(Referring to the recording devices)These are all off, right? (He chuckles) I love it. I absolutely love it. I didn't get sick there the way a lot of people did - a lot of people got sick. It's the land of a thousand smiles and it sort of hides how low and morose it can be. You think to yourself, "Oh, this is all good fun," but some pretty dark stuff goes on in Bangkok. That said, I absolutely loved it; I loved how foreign it felt. I loved that it felt like I was in Blade Runner a lot of the time. The food was incredible. The Chao Phraya River is beautiful. It's a really special place... I had never been to a Buddhist culture - it's half Muslim, that's an interesting aspect - the pageantry that goes along with the culture, I love Salathip and all that stuff, it's really interesting. Everybody loved it. Beck said it was the hardest shoot I had ever done. I mean just logistically, to get from point A to point B is incredibly difficult and the bureaucracy and getting things done. There are always tons of people around the set and Todd loves a lean set and it was always the opposite, so watching a director deal with that - especially when it was Todd Phillips - was interesting.

Calling it Part 2 makes it a continuation of the first story.

That's exactly right.

So, when you showed up on the new set did the work rapport feel the same or did everyone approach the project differently this time?

It just has an effect in the sense that we went through so much in the first movie. We all were a part of this thing that had an impact on culture, in a way. So we really went through that together. That was a bonding process. 2 years went by, Todd made another movie with Zach called Due Date, I made the A-Team and Limitless, Ed made Cedar Rapids and another movie - I can't remember it - and The Office, and we have all grown. And then to revisit those characters was a really interesting experiment, I think, because - personally, I think the second movie is much better than the first one and I think that the characters are more grounded, much more grounded - you get to know them. The dynamic is very interesting. You feel Phil vulnerable, resorting to an adolescent behavior saying "you are no longer my friend" to Alan. So it was interesting. I loved it. I think that it was really important that we adhered to the structure of the first one, you know, and we made that decision early on. I remember we did this photo shoot for Vanity Fair and that was when we first talked about a sequel in a realistic way; and we were all in the room together afterwards and we

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