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Tuesday February 28th 2017

Interview: LMFAO

Interview: LMFAO

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We got to rock out with Party Rockers LMFAO. Sky Blu and Red Foo told us about their new Party Rock album and what we need to know about the funky group.


Shave Magazine: What was the idea behind LMFAO?


Sky Blu: To actually, umm, to take over the world.

Redfoo: Well to take over the world is one of the reasons, another reason is because we wanted to... Have you ever been on a vacation?

SM: Yea

RF: And then have you ever had to come home from the vacation? And it's like awww... gotta go back to work...We basically said: No. We're not gonna go back to work..

SB: We're gonna take over the world.


SM: Why did you guys choose the name LMFAO? And where did your stage names come from?


SB: Because our grandma insisted on it. She said 'Your current name makes me wanna laugh my friggin ass off" because our current name was 'sexy dudes', and she didn't like it. She said 'We know you're sexy dudes. Everybody does. Silly boys, put some clothes on', and then she wrote 'LMFAO'.


SM: And what about 'Redfoo and Sky Blu'?


RF: Red Foo, came from when I was younger, people used to say 'You's a fool!' and i said not only am I a fool, I also have red hair. Now you might say, this is brown, but this is actually red.

SB: My parents were in the circus. A traveling circus. My mom was the bearded lady and my father was the midget clown...

RF: Come on! He's short, but he wasn't a midget! He was a clown...

SB: But he was mighty.. Ok? He could lift up a lion.

RF: Cause he was slightly autistic.

SB: Hey don't say that about my dad!

SB: So you know, my mom was pregnant and she gave birth and they were practicing something there... So I fell into the cannon and it shot me up into the sky, so the guy on stilts caught me said 'we're gonna name you Sky.'


SM: So you guys just released your album 'Party Rock' - how do you feel that is different from other Electro/Hip-hop albums?


RF: I think it's different cause it's the first Electro-hip-hop as we have it today... you know, actually, it's not even Electro-Hiphop, it's Party Rock.

SB: And to say it's an album is what we had to say. It's actually a toolbox. These songs are tools to rock a party.

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