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Friday July 29th 2016

Interview: Jason Aldean

Interview: Jason Aldean

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Jason Aldean has become a huge name in country music. We were able to take a bit of Jason's time to ask a few questions and gather his thoughts about his music, his career, being on the road, and more.

SM: Back in April you released your latest album "Wide Open," How do you feel this album is different than your previous albums?
JA: Itís like the first two albums were almost like practice. Iíve never recorded a full length album before so like the first album we just went in and had fun and said hey here is our album. For the second album, we thought itís probably time to take it a bit more seriously now. By the time we reached this album we felt like we knew what we were doing a little bit more, with the success of the first two albums, and my voice was better Ė if you listen to the first album and you listen to this album its night and day difference from being out and playing 200 shows a year. You know? Itís differences like that. I think that this is probably the album that best represents what I do.
SM: You have worked with some really impressive people, including performing with Bryan Adams, who has been your favorite person or group to work with so far and why?
JA: Bryan was great. He was a lot of fun. I am a big fan of Alabama so I got a chance to work with Randy Owen on this album (it didnít make the album but it eventually made a bonus track). It was really cool. Alabama was like ĎThe Beatlesí for me so working with him was definitely one of the highlights. I mean, both of those were really cool moments, but, if I had to pick one, it would be working with Randy this year.
SM: How is the audience here in Canada different?
JA: You know, I donít really think that audiences are that much different. I think that a fan is the same whether you are from here or from Japan - you come to a show because you like the music. I donít really see much of a difference anywhere. Even in the States. From the Southeast to the Northwest, people come to the show to party, drink, have fun and sing. Itís the same deal everywhere.
SM: What or who is your inspiration for your music? Why?
JA: A lot of it was Alabama, George strait, even guys like John Mellencamp and Bob Seger. Stuff like that. My dad actually played guitar when I was a kid so that got me interested early on. My uncle played guitar, you know, so it was a combination of things but it was my dad and my uncle who got me intrigued in music and then the rest was just listening to guys I liked growing up Ė so thatís where Alabama and those guys come into play.
SM: What type of connection would you hope your fans would will with your music?
JA: I hope that people would listen to my album or my songs but I try to record songs that I can relate to or that I have lived. There are a lot of people out there that really arenít that different than me, I consider myself a pretty average guy, so hopefully they understand me and know where I am coming from. I kinda feel like I am a voice for them, or something like that. That would be cool. I donít really know how else to put it other than that.
SM: How do you think you have changed since achieving mainstream success?

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