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Friday April 28th 2017

All American Rejects: Mike Kennerty

All American Rejects: Mike Kennerty

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The All American Rejects continue, time and time again with each new album, to release catchy mainstream hits like ĎGive you Hellí and ĎI Wanna.í We sat down with Mike Kennerty, the guitarist from the hit band, to talk about their tour, their music and what itís like to be a rock star.

SM: You are now on tour with Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy. Tell us about that. What has that been like so far?
MK: Itís good. So far itís great. Blink is definitely a band that we are well aware of Ė I mean we were all teenagers in the nineties so its really cool to actually get to see them and tour with them now. They are very nice and cordial. They have their families now with them, so they are probably not as wild as they once were.

SM: You guys have toured with some really big names such as Bon Jovi and now Blink 182, who has been your favorite so far and why?
MK: Itís tough. Anytime we get offered a crazy opportunity like that, itís just an amazing thing. Choosing one over the other is tough because everything weíve gotten to do has been great. Weíre just a band that loves playing shows so we could be playing with nobodies and we would be happy Ė as long as we got our music going

SM: You guys are going to tour through Europe soon.
MK: Yes.
SM: Okay, so how is the audience overseas different than here?
MK: Well, Europe is very energetic compared to North America. I hate to say it but I donít know what it is.  Like where I live it almost seems passť because there are so many shows coming through. In Europe, itís like they appreciate that the bands took the opportunity to come over there so there is a lot more energy. We also play smaller shows over there, which, Iím sure, is part of it. But itís fun going to Europe Ė except for the food and the weather.

SM: Whatís wrong with the food and weather in Europe?
MK: The food is awful and the weatherÖwell last time the weather was decent but usually itís rainy and crappy and itís not a pretty continent in my opinion. I hate to say it because people always dream of vacationing in Europe Ė nah, Japan is better.

SM: Oh? And what do you think about Canada? Is the food any better here?
MK: No, itís great. The food here is great. Iím a sucker for North America and Taco Bell

SM: What or who is your inspiration for your music? Why?
MK: Well, I think for every one of us in the band you would get a completely different answer. Weíre four individuals in that respect. I think we all have an appreciation for people who write good melodies and good hooks, you know? Stuff that makes you want to sing along and enjoy listening to the music as opposed to following along in despair while you do it. I think we can all collectively agree on, like, Queen, Neil Diamond Ė people who write classic songs; thatís what we like.

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